A US Bill Would Ban Kids Under 13 From Joining Social Media (www.wired.com)

A US Bill Would Ban Kids Under 13 From Joining Social Media


In fact, they say their proposal purposely avoids content altogether.

Lets be clear, this bill is completely content neutral, says senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat. All it says is that you cannot build a purposefully addictive program that leads especially vulnerable children down deep, deep dark rabbit holes.

The broadly bipartisan effort also showcases the pressure ratcheting up on party leaders by rank and file lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who are demanding Congress act to protect children, after years of watching similar efforts dither.

Freshman Senator Katie Britt, an Alabama Republican, ran as a momma on a mission and says this is a personal issue to her and the others. Bringing the issues that we talk about as parents in the home, with our friends, we watch unfold before us in our schools and our communities, that’s what we’re here to do, is to bring that voice, the voice of parents, Britt says.

As to whether their measure could stifle the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, Britt says the opposite is the case. That’s what we’re fighting for, Britt says. You want our kids to be healthy and prepared to achieve their American dream.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is the other Republican author.

A new bipartisan federal proposal introduced in the US Senate today would set a national age limit for using social media, effectively banning anyone 12 and under from using the apps many children currently spend hours a day on.There are countless efforts floating around Capitol Hill aimed at safeguarding the nations children from the dangers of social media, but this new measure, known as theProtecting Kids on Social Media Act, takes aim at the algorithms Silicon Valley employs to keep kids on their sites.

While the legislation doesnt mandate that companies use the government system, it would nevertheless represent a significant expansion of the governments role in the online ecosystem.

As such, the bill could upend the internet as we know it by adding substantial government oversight over social media platforms.


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