An investor’s view on North African healthcare opportunities (

An investor’s view on North African healthcare opportunities


Alta Semper made an investment in Oncologie Diagnostic du Maroc (ODM), a network of Moroccan clinics specialising in oncology, radiology and diagnostic services.

Some North African countries, including Morocco and Egypt, have emerged as attractive destinations for healthcare investments, according to Afsane Jetha, CEO of private equity firm Alta Semper.

At a recent conference of the African Private Capital Association, held in Cairo, Jetha said Morocco has increased its appeal by expanding government universal health coverage, providing a dependable source for medical payments.

Further, Moroccos high level of specialised healthcare education and stable currency add to its attractiveness.

Jetha shed light on the shift in Moroccan government policy that coincided with Alta Sempers investment in the country.

In 2022, the firm proceeded to sell the majority of its stake in Macro through an initial public offering on the Egyptian Exchange.

Jetha, however, drew attention to the distinct idiosyncrasies inherent within the North African healthcare sector.


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