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Everything Google announced at I/O 2023


This has set the conversations about almost everything to be centred around AI integration.

The most interesting part is that while many would have thought a mainstream AI product would have come from the acclaimed most powerful AI companyGoogle, it has rather come from OpenAI instead, a company which started earlier as a nonprofit but has now rebranded into a forprofit company and partnered with Microsoft, Google’s foremost competitor on search.

The rise of these consumer AIs has posed a challenge to the business model and entire product of search engines, as the new conversational AIs are reducing the user journey towards getting answers on the web by providing straightforward answers to user queries instead of lists of links.

This new trend has created new conversations at Big tech companies around the world, with reports saying that the Google executive team has declared a code red on AI.

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google in Mountain View, California, where they officially announce new products or changes to their existing products first to the developers’ community.

This year 2023 Google I/O conference was headlined by Sundar Pichai, Google CEO with the key announcements all centred around “AIartificial intelligence”.

The internet has not been the same since the influx of conversational AI products powered by large language models earlier this year, most especially ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Here are the key products that were announced at the event


    • Help Me Write
    • Immersive Route View On Google Maps
    • Magic Editor on Google Photos
    • PaLM 2, The Latest PaLM Model
    • DeepMind and Gemini
    • Bard running on PaLM 2
    • Duet AI on WorkSpace and Cloud
    • Search Generative Experience
    • Vertex AI and Enterprise Search
    • Project Tailwind
    • Google Labs
    • Android New Features


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