A TikTok ‘Car Theft’ Challenge Is Costing Hyundai $200 Million (www.wired.com)

A TikTok ‘Car Theft’ Challenge Is Costing Hyundai $200 Million


The senators say the practice, which does not require a court order, threatens both our privacy and First Amendment rights.

In the UK, the government is working toexpand a controversial surveillance program that collects web histories and other internet connection records on millions of people.

Even if the ban remains, getting around it is trivialjust use a VPN.

The families of four people killed in a racismfueled mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, aresuing a slew of companies the plaintiffs say bear some responsibility for the massacre.

But hey, nothing beats free, right

Elsewhere in the world of tech that has people freaked out,Montana this week became the first state in the US to ban TikTok.


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