Buhari drops another charade, says I will fly from Eagle Square to Kaduna before relocating to Daura (thenewsguru.com)

Buhari drops another charade, says I will fly from Eagle Square to Kaduna before relocating to Daura

Especially today when I need to sign a few papers because I know on Monday, from the swearingin venue I will fly directly to Kaduna and then I will go to the other side of Nigeria.

Thank you for surprising me with your generosity and kindness.

Please congratulate your constituencies, it means that even though you have excess money, they will collect and put it in their pockets but they will elect the person they trust from any constituency, either House of Assembly, House of Representatives, or Senate until it comes to the president itself.Advertisement

Today, we prayed together with Asiwaju (Bola Tinubu) and I congratulated him and I said I am eager to go to the other side of Nigeria.


says opposition parties gave the impression that our govt was in a mess

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday another charade saying that immediately he hands over to the next President on May 29, he will take off from the swearingin venue to Kaduna before proceeding to Daura, his hometown.Advertisement

TheNewsGuru.com, (TNG) reports the president had earlier declared that he would relocate to Niger Republic to avoid disturbance from anybody.

He said he has been counting the days and was looking forward to Monday very desperately, adding that he would use the weekend to sign some of the papers so that from Eagles Square he will take off.Advertisement

President Buhari also said that before the concluded general elections, the opposition political parties had created the impression outside the country that the All Progressives Congressled administration was going into a mess because it has incompetent leadership

The outgoing President spoke at his Book launch with the title, A promise kept, a compendium of significant achievements of Muhammadu Buhari Administration 20152023, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.Advertisement

said, I think by my profession, I spent most of my time that is the military for 20 years, there wasnt this surprise.


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