FG sets age restriction to national common entrance examination (businessday.ng)

FG sets age restriction to national common entrance examination


Most of the times if a child starts too early, he or she will have problems later in life.

He reiterated that education is designed in such a way that at any particular stage in a childs life, there are messages his or brain can take and understand and be able to use.

Hence, according to him, parents by allowing their underage children to write such examinations are encouraging education that is just reliant on reading textbooks and passing examinations.

We are getting to a stage where education is what you can use your knowledge to do for the society.

Till date that friend did not get into a university, simply because he was put into school earlier than the age that he was supposed to be put into school.

Let our children get to an appropriate age before writing this exam and we are going to make sure NECO puts in place appropriate checks.

We didnt want to get to where we will say bring a birth certificate but that is the stage we are going to now.

When registering, also upload the childs birth certificate, so that at our own end, we are able to cut some of these things, he said.

Meanwhile, the permanent secretary revealed that a total of 72,821 candidates sat for the examination held on Saturday.


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