From FYP to Jail Cell – JennysGlow brouhaha (

From FYP to Jail Cell – JennysGlow brouhaha


A few weeks back, a TikTok user (@amakagurl) took to the TikTok For You page to call out famous skincare brand; JENNYSGLOW.

The TikTok user had shared before and after images, showing the condition of her skin prior to using the brand and post usage of the brand. She allegedly had an alright looking face with minimal issues and after using the brand, her skin had deteriorated.

Upset and aggravated, she took to the TikTok app and called out Jennysglow.

Multiple people in the comments of her videos had agreed to her claims and reposted the video across multiple platforms which drew the attention of the brand owner; Jenny.

In what people thought was a bid to debunk rumors; she (Jenny) also took to the TikTok For You page to reply @/amakagurl. She opposed her claims and challenged her, saying millions of other people use her products and testify to how good said products are.

Days passed and another TikTok user (@ladieswellness) posted a video announcing the arrest of her sister.

She claimed the skincare brand owner had allegedly arrested her younger sister (@amakagurl) over her claims concerning the skincare brand.

A Twitter user had provided details of her rest, alleging the brand owner had gotten the ladies home details from her past orders.

She had allegedly checked her order to find her home address and her phone number which then led to the said arrest.

This caused an uproar on TikTok and on Twitter, motivating users to speak on the issue and drop personal testimonies concerning the brand.


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