Onoh commends Tinubu over Keyamo's ministerial nomination (guardian.ng)

Onoh commends Tinubu over Keyamo's ministerial nomination


A former spokesman for President Bola Tinubu campaign in the southeast, Dr. Josef Onoh, has commended the president’s nomination of Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN) for ministerial appointment.

Onoh said that Kayamo’s nomination was a testament that the President has his eyes on a potential and formidable Executive Council team that will help him deliver on his renewed hope mandate.

He stated that Keyamo had already displayed his potential as a human rights lawyer and for good governance administration in the past years when he was a Minister of State for Labour and Employment in the past administration, adding that as a young and energetic man, Kayamo will do more under the Tinubu administration.

Onoh noted that Kayamo in his postscript as a Minister had made a proposal for the new government on the best means to manage inter-ministerial bottlenecks, which the former Minister stated that if adhered to would accelerate better governance of the country.

Onoh said: “May I thank the President for the nomination of my brother and friend Festus Keyamo, his nomination which you have formally conveyed to the Senate brings to me a realization of responsibility which is not underestimated.

“It is a supreme task to interpret the covenant of your ‘Renew Hope’ to Nigerians including our great political party, the activities of which are so woven into the history of our current Democratic political history, and a very sacred and solemn undertaking to utter the faith and aspirations of the millions of Nigerians and our APC party faithful and loyalists who adhere to our party.

“Under your leadership and guidance our party platform has charted the way towards renewed hope, yet, somehow, we have come to expect that interpretation which voices the faith of some dedicated ministerial nominees who like Keyamo, were truly committed and contributed immensely to your victory and must assume specific tasks of which I assure that Keyamo will never be found wanting.

“Not everyone will be appointed, neither should it stop us from believing in our party and its sponsorship in our current government, for us to collectively renew hope, we must believe in our party in good times and in challenging times, and distinguish our commitment to serve Nigerians from personal selfish individual benefits.

“In citizenship of more than two hundred and thirteen million, it is impossible to reach agreement upon all questions or satisfy everyone or Party interests. We remain committed to our President, our party the APC which the President forged an alliance and reached a consensus of opinion with other political parties and associates.

“It was his intent as one of the major founding fathers of our party to give to Nigerians a dependable and enduring popular government which today you have been voted by Nigerians to renew hope, appoint a capable representative who shares the same vision with you in form and design to head Agencies and Ministries in your administration, not only the preserving sponsors but to ensure that they bring change, development and ensure effectiveness in any assigned agencies through which renew hope, aspirations, convictions and conscience may be translated into public performance. Hence Keyamo is equal to the task.

“I strongly believe that history will flow faster and dedicated and committed members, intellectuals and statesmen of our great party APC who have dedicated their time, energy and selfless service towards achieving the renewed hope of our President – are like drops of waters in a very fast flowing river.

“History is flowing like a river and we are in that river, as I joyfully thank Mr President for this well-deserved nomination of one of our own from the very beginning.”

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