Day 31 – 23 Aug: Biggie’s food for thought for Seyi and Pere – BBNaija (

Day 31 – 23 Aug: Biggie’s food for thought for Seyi and Pere – BBNaija


Big Brother’s journal room, which had previously been a haven for expressing ideas and feelings, became a place of reckoning for Seyi and Pere.NYSC Portal

Biggie’s severe intervention has recently been directed at Seyi and Pere during stressful diary room meetings. As Big Brother confronted them about their behaviours and views, the diary room, which was traditionally a place for housemates to confide and express their ideas, became a platform for self-reflection and awakening. The Ilebaye and Cross occurrences resulted in unexpected revelations and emotions.

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Reality Check for Seyi

Seyi walked into the diary room with a cheerful demeanour. His mood rapidly changed when Big Brother brought up some nasty remarks he had made about his fellow inmates. Seyi was specifically reminded of his comments on his and his friends’ boys and how they will treat women, as well as his interactions with younger roommates during the BBNaija All Stars season.InformationGuideNigeria

Big Brother questioned Seyi’s constancy in demonstrating the respect he had publicly expected of others. Seyi stated that his “human self” had taken over at times, causing his behaviors to contradict his principles. He openly admitted his role in the locker scenario and how his actions had elicited a negative reaction from Ike. Seyi began to perceive what he called hypocrisy through a series of events offered by Big Brother, but Biggie dubbed it “bias.”

The most important takeaway from Seyi’s diary session was his recognition that he needed to concentrate on balancing his emotions and showing restraint when he became angry. The question is whether Seyi will be able to apply these skills and maintain a more collected demeanor around the house.

Pere’s tense confrontation

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In terms of self-discovery and emotional reflection, Pere’s experience in the diary room paralleled Seyi’s. Pere’s entrance, on the other hand, was marked by a striking absence of positive energy. He expressed his displeasure and annoyance with Cross for disclosing sensitive information regarding his alleged father-daughter relationship with Ilebaye.JAMB Portal

Big Brother challenged Pere’s perception of Cross and posed a question that struck at the heart of the matter: Could someone who had gossiped with him be trusted not to gossip about him? Pere initially struggled with the idea that Cross could betray his trust, attributing the discord to external influences, particularly from fellow housemate Ceec. The two had a friendly relationship at the beginning of the show, but it quickly ended owing to the beef with Alex.

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Watch Cross and Pere talk about their friendship:

Pere became distraught as he realised that even his connection with Cross was not as safe as he thought.

Is there a new way forward?JAMB Result

Seyi and Pere were both visibly affected by their diary room sessions. Their emotions and the emotional intensity with which they spoke with Biggie indicated that the reality check had hit a nerve. The question now is whether these discoveries will result in long-term changes in their behaviour and interactions in the houseJAMB Result

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