The 10 Best Paying Jobs in Catalog and Specialty Distribution

Best Paying Jobs in Catalog and Specialty Distribution
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Considering the best paying jobs in the catalog and specialty distribution? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the ten best-paying jobs available in the industry today to make your decision easier!.

#1 – International Sales Manager, An international sales manager, can expect an average salary of $100,000-$125,000 per year plus bonuses based on company performance and individual sales figures.

What is a Catalog

The catalog is a booklet containing information about businesses, products, or other things. Sometimes referred to as mail-order catalogs, mail-order catalogs are a great way for specialty distribution companies to market their goods to people unfamiliar with them.

Every industry uses specialty distribution to some extent, but you can land your dream job by following these top ten tips from Seabury Business Media.

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What Does a Catalog Do?

Catalogs have been around for a long time, and for a good reason: They help people find things they’re looking for.

But what if you aren’t looking for anything? You can make money by distributing catalogs, which gives you something to do during those winter months when it might be hard to catch fish.

Here are some of the best-paying jobs in catalog distribution.

  1. Packer
  2. Clerk
  3. Sorter
  4. Picker
  5. Administrator
  6. Dispatcher
  7. Driver
  8. Accounting Clerk
  9. Sales Representative
  10. Store Manager
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1) Packer

Packers are a key part of most fulfillment centers. On average, they earn between $10 and $15 per hour. That’s about 2x to 3x more than minimum wage—so it’s one of the Best Paying Jobs in Catalog and Specialty Distribution.

Packers are responsible for manually removing items from a carton or pallet using boxes, equipment, or hands.

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Their main role is to prepare items for shipment as efficiently as possible so that shippers can load up the goods on larger vehicles for transport.

2) Clerk

The Clerk is a term used to describe individuals who work for specialty distribution companies. Some of these companies might focus on products like catalogs, magazines, music CDs, or books. Others may specialize in shipping items such as pharmaceuticals or food (frozen items).

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In any case, these companies all need employees who can help their customers. Employees tend to be known as clerks because they Clerk (work) behind desks providing support services to customers or other employees.

3) Sorter

Full-time Sorters usually work either as Shift Leaders or as Clerk. Both roles involve sorting with vastly different responsibilities, pay scales, and support systems.

The Manager of Sorters is responsible for overseeing everything from security to record-keeping. If you want to lead a team but want even more responsibility, that’s your best bet—it pays well ($30K-$35K) for physical labor!

4) Picker

A job that is often not included when considering jobs in catalog/specialty distribution, but is also one of the Best Paying Jobs in Catalog and Specialty Distribution, is that of picker.

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These employees are responsible for getting orders ready for shipment and are usually trained to be picky about what goes into each order. After all, a mistake can cost a distributor money.

Their pay depends on how fast they work and how many items they pick per hour.

5) Administrator

Administrator positions are different depending on which company you work for, but duties include tracking time cards, scheduling shifts, conducting employee reviews, issuing paychecks and calculating taxes.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn’t include administrator positions in its salary surveys, but it lists general office administrators at $37,980 a year.

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It verifies that the administration jobs are among some of the highest-paying in catalog/specialty distribution because they generally don’t require specialized training or education beyond high school.

6) Dispatcher

Dispatchers direct, schedule, monitor, and coordinate resources such as workers, equipment, vehicles, or materials. They are often responsible for following up on tasks to ensure they were completed properly.

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Because there is high turnover among these positions, individuals with experience may qualify for higher-paying jobs quickly. Average annual income: $38,100 per year / $18.47 per hour (source). A dispatcher directs traffic at a construction site while wearing a yellow vest.

7) Driver

The number one job title at most of these companies is the driver—and for a good reason. Driving may be your best paying job in a catalog distribution career if you’re young, hard-working, and like to drive a lot.

Drivers transport products from warehouses to retailers throughout a given region. Even better than its salary potential is that these are many ways that carriers can earn some extra cash on top of their base pay.

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8) Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks handle any paperwork with a median pay of $49,500 annually. They create balance sheets, prepare tax forms, track income and expenses, reconcile accounts payable and receivable, and send out invoices for orders taken over the phone or one-8ommerce sites—you name it.

9) Sales Representative

Entry-level sales reps for specialty distribution companies can earn between $35,000 and $45,000 per year.

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As you move up from entry-level, you may be able to earn bonuses that would get your base salary up to around $65,000 per year. In some cases, top salespeople have earned over $100k annually.

10) Store Manager

The average salary for a store manager is about $69,000 per year, but there are opportunities to earn even more. The highest-paid specialty distribution employees work at Gander Mountain.

These managers can expect to make between $76,500 and $79,250 each year.

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However, specialty distribution is not just about cash bonuses: Many of these positions include health insurance benefits and additional perks like company discount cards and stock options.

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