Top 22 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables With Salaries (2022)

Top 22 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables With Average Salaries
Written by Okosun John

Who knew consumer durables could pay so well? Take a look at these best paying jobs in Consumer Durables.

A blog post on the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables.

So you want to earn more money, but the opportunities at your current job aren’t cutting it? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best paying jobs in consumer durables

These high-paying jobs will provide you with new opportunities and make it much easier to afford all the extras in life that you deserve. 

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What are Consumer Durables industry?

Consumer durables are physical goods purchased for personal or household use that are expected to last for more than three years.

Examples of consumer durables include cars, home appliances, and furniture.

Consumer durables have a higher average annual rate of return than personal goods.

The industry is expected to show growth over the next five years thanks to increasing demand from consumers looking to make large purchases.

What companies are in the consumer non-durables field?

Here’s a list of companies that are known to be in consumer non-durables: Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Colgate-Palmolive, and Johnson & Johnson.

Each of these companies has more than 20,000 employees—more than enough candidates for your marketing team.

Is Consumer Nondurables a Good Career Path?

Long gone are the days when everybody went to school, got a job at IBM or G.M., retired after 30 years of service and lived happily ever after.

Today, there’s a new normal—and it’s fraught with uncertainty.

The old path to stability is no longer secure: layoffs are routine and promises of pensions are now seen as a myth.

And if you still have your job, you probably don’t have much confidence that you’ll keep it for very long—or even get a raise.

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables?

Check out this list of best paying jobs in consumer durables!

  1. Senior Executive
  2. Product Planner
  3. Product Marketer
  4. Strategy Consultant
  5. Customer Success Managers
  6. Media planner
  7. Sales Engineers
  8. Account Manager
  9. Business Analysts
  10. Human Resource Manager
  11. Industrial Engineers
  12. Sales Representative
  13. Marketing Manager
  14. Sales Manager
  15. Staff Accountant
  16. Merchandisers
  17. Industrial Designer
  18. Communication Co-ordinator
  19. Field Sales Representative
  20. Administrative Assistant
  21. Assemblers
  22. Telemarketers

1) Senior Executive – Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

The best paying jobs in consumer durables is a senior executive. 

If you have a university degree and at least five years of experience in consumer durables, a senior executive position could be for you. 

In 2014, consumer durable manufacturers paid senior executives about $168,999 per year on average

Requirements include experience leading teams and directing big budgets and developing new strategies to improve processes or increase revenue.

2) Product Planner

A product manager in consumer durables works to coordinate and promote a company’s goods and services. 

Product Planner - Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables
Credits: Pixabay

They act as a liaison between departments such as marketing, operations, research and development, finance, sales, and production to create a competitive brand image for products. 

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An effective product manager also helps establish new markets for existing products. 

Product managers earn an average salary of $132,000 per year.

3) Product Marketer

An online listicle entitled 10 Unconventional Ways to be a Rockstar Product Marketer is being shared across major social networks. 

Its popularity suggests that marketing professionals are often undervalued and not given enough credit for their work. 

Taking a pay cut would allow you to devote more time to creating amazing product experiences, which is what every company really wants anyway. 

Top salaries hover around $120,000 annually with additional bonuses of 10-30% for hitting goals each quarter; 


other considerations should include how your personality aligns with your workplace’s culture and whether or not you’re interested in finding new opportunities after 5-10 years of steady employment. 

4) Strategy Consultant

According to ZipRecruiter, a strategy consultant is one of the best paying jobs in consumer durables, bringing in an average salary of $100,142

The role involves managing and supporting corporate strategies and developing product and service strategies. 

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Strategy consultants use information technology systems to keep current on competitors and market trends. 

In addition to these consulting-specific job requirements, you’ll also need at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience—most require advanced degrees—in business administration or management information systems. 

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This full-time position will typically require about 40 hours per week. 

Depending on your client or project needs, you might have significant overtime or travel time; workweeks might range from 35–60 hours.

5) Customer Success Managers

One of the best paying job in consumer durables is Customer Success Manager—otherwise known as a client success manager. 

It may sound like a lot of responsibility, but don’t let that scare you away! There’s nothing difficult about building relationships with clients and their success really does depend on your diligence and attention to detail. 

Still not convinced? These jobs often include perks like free food, healthcare coverage and company retreats—and some even include equity stakes or signing bonuses! 

According to Glassdoor, you can expect to make $129,207+ per year as a Customer Success Manager at Amazon

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If you have experience creating industry reports or implementing customer loyalty programs, we recommend reaching out to recruiters at Amazon and setting up an informational interview.

6) Media planner

Media planners are specialists responsible for determining how to get a brand’s message in front of potential customers. 

They do so by managing media spending across traditional and digital advertising forms, including television, print publications, radio, websites, and other digital platforms. 

A bachelor’s degree in communications or a related field is typically required for a position as a media planner; however, some employers may require candidates to have a master’s degree as well. 

According to Glassdoor salary reports from July 2018, media planners can expect an average salary of $88,847 per year when working with advertisers based in Chicago. 

About one in five jobs that fall under Media Planner on Indeed involve advertising on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

7) Sales Engineers

The average salary of Sales engineers is $85,494 according to

Sales engineers use technical knowledge to solve customer problems or answer their questions. 

Sales Engineers - Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables
Credits: Pixabay

Although they work closely with sales and marketing staff members, their focus is on providing customers with product information and technical advice to help them make decisions about buying new products or upgrading existing ones. 

They are also commonly known as solutions engineers, systems engineers, application engineers or product specialists. 

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Sales engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in engineering and experience at a related company to be hired for entry-level positions. 

Sales Engineer jobs usually require these qualifications.

8) Account Manager

Marketing and selling a company’s products to customers, typically through a network of salespeople or dealers. 

Account managers can be involved in supporting an entire product line or just one product within a category. 

They’re typically responsible for establishing relationships with new clients and monitoring with existing ones. 

As Account Manager, you need to be able to hit targets and understand what type of consumer buys from your company. 

If you are in a B2B role, you will also be responsible for reaching out to potential clients and getting them interested in working with your brand. 

It’s very important that you can multi-task and have excellent communication skills. 

Most companies that sell consumer durables hire account managers; average salary is $80,000 per year.

That makes it one of our top 22 best paying jobs in Consumer Durables industry! 

9) Business Analysts

Business analysts are more broadly known as business consultants

They often use their business acumen to figure out a better way for companies to operate by identifying and resolving organizational structure or profitability problems. 

Their responsibilities typically include defining strategies, finding solutions and providing guidance for operational improvements. 

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Business analysts earn $73,590 annually on average according to indeed — one of the highest-paid job from our list of best paying jobs in consumer durables

The majority of respondents in a study released by PayScale said they would recommend becoming a business analyst to someone else if they were considering other options. 

People who like analyzing data tend to find it interesting and rewarding, making it a good fit for analytical individuals with excellent problem-solving skills.

10) Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager’s primary role is to oversee and direct all employee management and development activities. 

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Of course, earning a paycheck isn’t all H.R. managers are concerned with; they also focus on safety, morale, productivity, diversity and talent acquisition. 

The average Human Resource Manager’s salary (which ranges from $62k-$96k) varies by region

As of July 2018, H.R. professionals make an average annual salary of $77k based in NYC. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a Human Resource Manager or considering changing jobs— here are some of today’s best paying jobs in consumer durables.

11) Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers improve how manufacturing products are designed and manufactured. 

They research ways to increase efficiency, prevent workplace injuries and save time. 

They create reports that detail their findings.

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According to, the average salary of Industrial engineers in the U.S. according to is $76,824 per year.

12) Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell goods, ideas or services to customers. 

Sales Representative
Credits: Pixabay

They may negotiate with suppliers and handle customer complaints. 

Their duties include business development and forecasting future sales. 

Depending on their specialization, sales representatives earn an average of $68,826 a year

Most work full-time in office environments during regular business hours; some nights and weekends are required for sales calls or presentations.

13) Marketing Manager

Perhaps not the most glamorous job title out there, but you don’t have to have a high school diploma to become a marketing manager. 

This is perhaps one of best paying jobs in consumer durables. 

Some employers require an associate’s degree; some look for a bachelor’s degree as an added bonus. 

For bachelor’s-only positions, pay can reach $65K plus bonuses of up to 25% of salary, depending on skill and experience. 

It is also a good way to start your business career if you want a managerial position later on because most people will begin at the bottom (an entry-level position). 

They will spend time learning how things are done, moving up from there over time.

14) Sales Manager

While you might be looking for a job in consumer durables, there are many jobs to choose from. A sales manager is one of those. 

A good sales manager has a great deal of influence over a company’s bottom line because they will help establish pricing strategy and also get repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals via their network. 

Additionally, they will go out and sell new products to new clients and established customers and make sure that products remain on shelf, priced correctly, and easy to find. 

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Sound exciting? It is! If you like people and have strong negotiating skills, sales management could be a career.

According to, the average salary for a sales manager according to is $64,556 per year in the United States.

15) Staff Accountant

One of only two non-sales positions among our list of top 22 best-paying consumer durables jobs, staff accountants combine business administration with audit and financial skills. 

Staff accountants usually perform a range of tasks that include inventory audits, collections, keeping track of budgets and monitoring operational costs, as well as internal controls to ensure all is running smoothly within an organization. 

If your primary interests lie in financial administration, but you’re also keen on accounting work, you may want to consider becoming a staff accountant. Starting salary: $63K annually.

16) Merchandisers

Merchandisers are responsible for identifying trends and following them up with new products. 

They then assist in marketing these new products. 

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This job is well suited for those who enjoy working on teams and interacting with people. 

Working hours for a merchandiser usually fall between 10 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturdays as well.

Merchandisers earn an average salary of $60,109 per year according to

17) Industrial Designer

If you’re in love with using your hands to make things and have a knack for design, industrial design could be a good fit. 

Industrial Designer
Credits: Pixabay

You’ll start out on projects at an entry level salary of $40,000 and will quickly rise to as much as $80,000 depending on where you work and how many skills you possess. 

Project managers in consumer durables should earn even more than that. There are thousands of job openings in consumer durables every year. 

Expect to see jobs at Apple, Samsung or one of the hundreds of other consumer durable companies posting openings regularly (however – competition for those jobs is fierce). 

Having any portfolio can give you a leg up.

18) Communication Co-ordinator

Communication co-ordinator is a job in consumer durables with an average salary of $51,160. 

This can be one of those entry-level positions for people who want to get a taste of working at a retailer, but it’s also used as a stepping stone for employees who are looking to climb higher up in their company’s ranks. 

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The role involves promoting events, preparing press releases and developing advertising and marketing campaigns. 

The communication co-ordinator needs strong writing skills to produce reports and maintain accurate records. 

Communication coordinators usually need at least a high school diploma or equivalent as well as several years of experience in communication or marketing. 

19) Field Sales Representative

Field sales representatives sell consumer goods in a variety of industries, including heavy machinery, apparel and sporting goods. 

Depending on where they work and what they sell, they might sell to a variety of customers in different locations. 

Many field sales representatives work as part of a team that includes inside sales representatives or telephone sales representatives who cover customers near their offices, 

as well as outside sales representatives who go to customers’ offices and factories for face-to-face discussions with more-senior purchasing managers. 

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According to Indeed, the average salary for a field sales representative is $46,613 per year (BLS)

This translates into a $23 per hour wage.

20) Administrative Assistant

Becoming an administrative assistant in consumer durables will make you a vital part of a large business and allow you to work in a competitive industry that is bound to grow. 

Administrative Assistant
Credits: Pixabay

Administrative assistants perform secretarial duties for businesses, hospitals, schools, and organizations. 

Administrative assistants are responsible for managing workflow and tasks, answering phones, greeting clients or customers, keeping track of supplies, making travel arrangements and scheduling meetings. 

The average salary for an administrative assistant in consumer durables is $44K per year or $21 per hour

21) Assemblers

The mean annual wage for assemblers is $43,700. Most of these workers are employed in manufacturing industries. 

The most common occupations include welders, cutters, solderers, brazers; machine tool setters, operators, tenders; and pressers. 

On average a consumer durable assembler can expect to make $17.14 per hour or $34,900 annually. 

The highest paid consumer durable assembler’s are found in Alaska where they can make an average of $63,040 per year.

22) Telemarketers

A telemarketer is responsible for interacting with customers via phone calls to inform them about a company’s product or service. 

Telemarketers often use scripts and have set appointment times during which they contact consumers. 

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The best paying jobs in consumer durables are surprisingly varied.

Each of these positions is respected and offers unique job opportunities, but what they all have in common is a significant average annual salary. 

If you’re an educated professional with experience that falls into one of these categories, you have lots to be happy about. 

The future looks bright if you’re looking for a lucrative career at one of these companies or organizations.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables – FAQs

Are there lots of job opportunities in the consumer durable sector?

The consumer durable sector is a high-growth sector with lots of job opportunities.

For example, more than 4 million workers are employed in manufacturing alone, and roughly 50% of these jobs are related to consumer durables (many of which support manufacturing).

On top of that, there are lots of opportunities within the sales and marketing teams for consumer durables products.

Do career options in the consumer durable sector have attractive pay?

Yes, if you know what to look for. If you’re looking to join the consumer durable sector in a key role and want a strong pay packet, check out our list of top jobs in the industry.

We’ve highlighted positions that typically have attractive pay on offer.

What are the top skills required in the consumer durable industry?

If you’re hoping to break into the consumer durable industry, having strong critical thinking skills is of utmost importance.

Consumers are far more likely to give their money to brands that have higher quality and a trustworthiness factor.

Customer service skills are also critical in the consumer durable industry because an unhappy customer will often turn others away from your brand.

You should be able to stay on top of technological trends as well – new technology and innovations can dramatically affect the way consumers interact with one another about your products, so keep up!

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