The 21 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables With Average Salaries

The 21 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables With Average Salaries
Written by Okosun John

Need a job? Need money? Here are the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) recently published some interesting data about the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables, which we’ve turned into this listicle. 

According to the B.L.S., consumer goods include apparel and footwear, motor vehicles and parts, household appliances, health care products, and toys and sporting goods. 

Non-durable goods are those that can be used up and replaced quickly without special processing or additional long-term storage costs — think of food and drink items that are consumed in one sitting and disposable products like paper plates or diapers.

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We will be talking in-depth about the best paying jobs in the consumer non-durables industry

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-DurablesAverage Salary
1. Chief Executive Officer$788,338
2. Product Manager$113,446
3. Data Scientist $104,354
4. Marketing Manager$97,159
5. User Experience Designer$95,062
6. VP Marketing  $94,500
7. VP Communications$94,400 
8. Digital Designer$93,563
9. Information Security Analyst$85,029
10. Network Engineer$82,116
11. Customer Service Representative$73,800
12. Senior Market Research Analyst$71,716
13. Financial Analyst$70,669
14. Human Resources Manager$70,451
15. Advertising Specialist $67,400
16. Sales Representative$64,545
17. Brand Manager$62,604
18. Accountant $53,204
19. Communication Specialist$52,766
20. Production Associate$34,928
21. Quality Assurance Analyst$31,634
Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

1) Chief Executive Officer

The highest-paid jobs in consumer non-durables include Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, and Director. 

On average, these workers earn more than $788,338 per year

Their experience usually consists of a Bachelor’s degree plus some work experience in a related field. 

Businesses that hire for these positions often look for people with prior experience working as managers or executives in a professional setting and at least five years of work experience in an industry similar to their job listing. 

If you think you’re up to snuff, check out Indeed’s list of available job openings. 

Otherwise, read on for more options! We’ve compiled a few other well-paying positions below for comparison’s sake.

2) Product Manager

Product Manager jobs are generally non-technical, as they deal with consumer goods and other consumer-facing products. 

Administrative Assistant
Credits: Pixabay

While most companies employ a mix of product managers, engineers, analysts and researchers to build their products, a product manager can oversee all facets of its product development pipeline. 

Due to these duties, it is expected that product managers have an innate understanding of engineering practices to make informed decisions about features and technologies. 

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Product Managers with an average salary of $113,446 oversee teams responsible for core infrastructure and application platforms such as specific frameworks or libraries

That said, while not expected at entry-level positions, there is a fair amount of managerial responsibility tied to these projects.

3) Data Scientist

Data Scientist is one of the highest paying jobs in consumer non-durables, with an average salary of $104,354

Most of these professionals live in cities like New York City, San Francisco and Boston, where housing costs are high. 

A data scientist helps analyze a company’s available information through statistical modeling and predictive algorithms. 

If you want to be part of the top 22 best paying jobs in consumer non-durables make sure you get a degree in statistics or computer science

But some companies will train you with on-the-job training

Regardless, expect four years of studying and plenty of hard work when applying for a job as a data scientist.

4) Marketing Manager

Every company needs a marketing manager to develop brand strategies, direct advertising campaigns, design catalogs and brochures and more

Though you don’t have to go to college for a degree in marketing, having one could help you land a higher-paying job as a Marketing Manager or related position. 

With an average salary of $97,159 a year, though it ranks 4th on our list of highest paying jobs in consumer non-durables, it is among some of them. 

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The marketing manager requires general skills obtained by any person interested in product management, but only a few people possess the natural talents needed to be successful.

5) User Experience Designer

User experience designers apply human-centered design principles to improve an individual’s interaction with products, systems, and services. 

An essential part of UX design is research—gathering relevant information from users and stakeholders. 

So if you’re looking for a job, you might consider becoming a UX designer: 

It’s one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables, with an average salary of $95,062

For new grads and mid-career professionals ready to change jobs, here’s our list of top-paying jobs for non-durable goods! 

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You can also check out Glassdoor’s 25 Highest Paying Jobs report to get additional insight into which industries offer the highest salaries and what factors influence salary levels.

6) V.P. Marketing

It turns out that an M.B.A. doesn’t help much if you want to break into sales. 

So if you aim to move up on a specific career ladder, consider looking for a role at an entry-level company where there are no title barriers, and you can quickly climb higher. 

For instance, the vice president of marketing roles has an average salary of over $174,000 per year

Many businesses seeking marketing executives are also eager to pay top dollar for those with experience working with big brands like Facebook and Coca-Cola

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Or try your hand at leading B2B sales operations; 

These jobs typically come with base salaries over $70,000 and commissions and bonuses making them some of the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables

7) V.P. Communications

The V.P. of communications heads up public relations and promotional efforts. 

One of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables, on average, are V.P. communications jobs. 

Product Planner
Credits: Pixabay

They are also top positions that can help propel your career forward and prepare you for better earnings opportunities down the road. 

To start a career in consumer non-durables, begin by familiarizing yourself with how P.R. and marketing work at different types of companies. 

You’ll likely want to start working as an assistant or associate before you make it to vice president status—don’t be afraid to ask for an internship when job hunting!

8) Digital Designer

A digital designer is a well-respected and highly-paid designer specializing in websites, apps, and software

A digital designer will usually specialize in one of those areas, but some do it all. 

Digital designers spend much of their time using tools like Photoshop to create mockups for client presentations; 

They have excellent attention to detail and a keen sense of style to put together comps that wow clients. 

If you’re looking for a high-paying job in design, then being a digital designer might be a good fit for you—the average salary is over $93,563 per year.

9) Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst is a job in Consumer Non-Durables with an excellent average salary. 

For example, in San Diego, CA, Information Security Analyst jobs are paid an average salary of $98,000 with a salary range of $81,726 to $114,499. 

In Houston, TX, Information Security Analyst jobs are paid an average salary of $78,000 with a salary range of $68,559 to $93,634. 

In SeattleWA, Information Security Analyst jobs are paid an average salary of $78,000 with a salary range of $64,297 to $90,000. 

And in Dallas – Ft Worth, TX, Information Security Analyst jobs are paid an average salary of $81,000 with a salary range of $68,559 – $93,634.

10) Network Engineer

Top paying job in consumer non-durables, with a median salary of $93,000 and an average salary of $98,459. 

The field is projected to grow 13% from 2016-2026

This job requires a bachelor’s degree, and it’s described as challenging because you have to be able to network all sorts of hardware from different companies to figure out how they interact with each other and maintain their performance. 

To start becoming a network engineer, you should have training or experience in the networking field. 

Then, become familiar with routing protocols such as BGP and IS-IS for routers and Ethernet for switches.

11) Customer Service Representative

You don’t need a fancy degree to have a career in consumer non-durables, but some credentials can get you ahead. 

According to figures from Simply Hired, customer service representatives (C.S.R.s) are by far and away one of the most popular jobs in consumer non-durables

A CSR provides services for customers of a company or institution—like making sales, answering questions about products or services, resolving complaints and fixing problems. 

To start as a C.S.R. at big companies like Apple or Oracle typically requires an associate’s degree at a minimum

However, jobs can pay well over $73,800 per year on average if you stay with them long enough.

12) Senior Market Research Analyst

A senior market research analyst conducts primary research as it relates to a specific market, gathering information about everything from new product lines and services, demand for current products and services, and customer satisfaction. 

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Consumer non-durables are a fast-growing industry, so if you want to be on top of your game in 2022, make sure to seek out one of these best-paying jobs with an average salary of $120,920 per year.

13) Financial Analyst

Working as a financial analyst offers an average salary of $70,669

Sales Representative
Credits: Pixabay

This job requires knowledge of corporate finance and accounting and strong communication skills, and expert analytical abilities. 

According to OfficeTeam, typical responsibilities include:

  • Performing financial analyses.
  • Providing insight into performance trends.
  • Reviewing budgets and evaluating profitability. 

If you’re interested in a position as a financial analyst or think it could be a good career fit for you, consider searching for jobs in large cities like New York City or Chicago

For example, Banking Job Central ranks New York as No. 1 in its Best Cities for Finance Jobs list for 2015 because there are thousands of opportunities available, and rent is lower than in most places. 

14) Human Resources Manager

With an average salary of $70,451 per year, human resources managers make more than many other people in consumer non-durables. 

Human resources managers help businesses and other organizations by recruiting and overseeing workers. 

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However, there are several different types of job titles in H.R.H.R.; these include: 

  • Compensation and benefits manager 
  • Compensation manager 
  • Compensation analyst 
  • Compensation assistant 
  • Labor relations specialist 
  • Labor relations manager 
  • Employee services manager 
  • Employee assistance program specialist 
  • Job analyst 
  • Job counselor 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) projects that employment for H.R.H.R. managers will grow by 7% through 2026. 

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This is much faster than average growth due to new laws requiring companies to implement affirmative action programs and offer parental leave benefits.

15) Advertising Specialist

It is a job in advertising. 

It is a good-paying Job in Consumer Non-Durables with an Average Salary of $67,400

This job role can be found in any Consumer Non-Durables company. 

To become an Advertising Specialist, one should have creative abilities and good knowledge about marketing strategies. 

One should be able to generate ideas for effective advertising of company products to promote sales of products or services offered by the organization. 

To become a successful Advertising Specialist, one needs good speaking and writing skills and a customer-service-oriented attitude towards consumers and strong analytical skills.

16) Sales Representative

The average salary for a sales representative in consumer non-durables is $64,545

This job includes selling a specific brand or product to potential customers. 

The representative must know how to negotiate with clients and even upsell them on other complementary products. 

In addition, they must stay up-to-date on market trends, study product trends, and determine what items will have a competitive edge in their market space. 

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Sales representatives are great for companies as they often have direct access to information about client needs and can then create long-term solutions that fit those needs.

17) Brand manager

In a consumer non-durables company, brand managers are responsible for advertising and merchandising within a specific product category. 

They work with retail buyers and advertising agencies to decide on promotion methods, and media buys and work with both suppliers and industry organizations to ensure that company marketing strategies coincide with industry trends. 

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing is generally required for jobs in brand management. 

As of 2014, salaries averaged around $62,604 per year

18) Accountant

Accountants are in high demand. 

They provide a valuable service and make sure that money is well spent. 

Accountants have a diverse range of careers, including auditing, financial consulting, tax planning, and general accounting

Accountants tend to make around $53,204 per year in terms of average salary alone. 

However, it should be noted that these figures also depend on location and job title/position and years of experience within their field. 

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For example, Public Accountant pay varies from a low $40s in Memphis to over $100K in New York City for similar-level positions.

19) Communication Specialist

Communication specialists help disseminate information to consumers, often through advertising and marketing. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) states that a large part of a communication specialist’s job is writing internal and external reports. 

Communication specialists may work for companies in various industries, including retail and hospitality. 

According to B.L.S. data, the average salary for a communication specialist in 2018 was $68,550 annually.

20) Production Associate

Production associates in Consumer Non-Durables jobs earned an average of $38,120 annually as of May 2011, ranging from $19,040-$65,270. 

Simple Fast Loans Review
Simple Fast Loans Review

Production associates are responsible for overseeing material and equipment to ensure the timely completion of goods or products. 

Supervision may include scheduling personnel to maximize productivity and implementing cost-saving measures. 

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Production associate jobs in Consumer Non-Durables may require up to three years of experience in supervisory positions and educational attainment ranging from a high school diploma to a two-year associate degree. 

These workers usually must be able to lift objects weighing 50 pounds or more and work in hot environments, among other duties; 

Many companies will look for people who can obtain forklift certification through an approved program.

21) Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analyst is a job in consumer non-durables with an average salary of $69,951 a year. 

The quality assurance analyst ensures that goods and services provided by their organization meet customer requirements, company policies and legal requirements in terms of safety, performance and reliability. 

Quality assurance analysts need excellent analytical skills and customer service and communication skills. 

They must be able to apply a systematic approach to problem-solving, possess high levels of integrity and be organized. 

To ensure companies are meeting legal standards related to product or service quality, 

they will compile information about consumer complaints into reports which may be used to initiate internal or external investigations into processes or procedures that may have led to poor quality control within an organization.

Job Opportunities in Consumer Non-Durable Industry

The consumer non-durable industry is defined as industries producing durable products for consumers, not for industrial or business purposes. 

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Consumer durables are cars, household appliances, or entertainment equipment (see below). 

Examples of nondurable goods include;

  1. food and drink 
  2. clothing
  3. tobacco
  4. pharmaceuticals and 
  5. personal care products. 

Industries with high Job Opportunities in Consumer Non-Durable industries are: 

  1. Footwear industry 
  2. Retail trade 
  3. Waste management services 
  4. Banking industry 
  5. Insurance services 
  6. Air transportation 
  7. Coal mining 
  8. Arts conservation 
  9. Construction 
  10. Real estate 
  11. Rail transportation 
  12. Tire manufacturing 
  13. Miscellaneous manufacturing 
  14. Public administration 
  15. Travel accommodation 
  16. Other professional scientific and technical consulting firms 
  17. Water supply & irrigation-related services… and many more!
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1) Cosmetic Industry

The U.S.U.S. cosmetics industry alone makes up $66 billion per year, including cosmetics, toiletries and bath products. 

Indeed, jobs for makeup artists/makeup applicators rank No. 7 on their list of best paying jobs in consumer non-durables, with an average salary of $25,000.

2) Food Manufacturing Industry

Food Manufacturing is one of the most rewarding careers in consumer non-durables, and it provides you with almost innumerable opportunities to grow professionally. 

Food Manufacturing Industry
Credits: Pixabay

Some of its key growth drivers include changing food and lifestyle habits, increased demand for healthier products, and changes in dietary preferences, especially among kids and women. 

All these factors are expected to push Food Manufacturing companies to look at new ways of creating value-added products through higher processing efficiencies, a reduction in usage of natural resources, and energy consumption. 

The increasing importance of healthy eating is helping build demand for organic food and beverages, fortified packaged foods and drinks, which may provide companies an opportunity to innovate new products around those lines.

3) Shoes and Wears Industry

Shoes and wears industry is becoming one of the highest paying industries

More and more people are spending money on buying shoes, clothes, watches etc. 

More than 30 billion dollars are spent in the U.S.A. alone on buying clothes alone! Due to the increasing number of job opportunities in the Shoes and Wears Industry (over 30000 job opportunities), a new graduate can quickly get started with an average salary of $50k per year

To get into the Shoes and Wears Industry, we will have to learn much about designing the trendiest clothes by knowing the latest fashion designing trends and updating them. 

In addition to that, creating cheap yet quality-oriented products remains a significant challenge for professionals working in the Shoes and Wears Industry or any other consumer non-durables industry.

4) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies employ nearly 90,000 workers and pay an average salary of $100,000. 

It is one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. 

The industry includes active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), biological drugs and generic drug manufacturers. ]

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According to a 2010 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), many jobs are expected to be created from 2009 to 2013 due to the growth of biologics, generic drugs and specialty injectable pharmaceuticals.

5) Farm Tools Production Industry

There are approximately 16,380 farms with no workers paid on-site, roughly 23.6% of all farms, and about 3,640 of these farms have paid employees for at least some of their work.

This makes farm tools production (N.A.I.C.S. code 322121) one of America’s best-paying industries. These numbers average salaries above those offered by most industries – an average salary of $77,755 per year.

The job opportunities include farm machinery designers, farm machinery sales managers, and farm machinery technicians.

6) Paper Manufacturing

Paper manufacturing is a consistently growing industry. While sales dipped slightly in 2010, economists predict that job opportunity for paper workers should remain strong.

Paper workers get paid well on average ($45K/year) because they work regular full-time schedules and enjoy longer tenure with companies than most other blue-collar workers.

Paper manufacturing jobs are at or near the top of lists for best paying blue-collar jobs year after year, even above union jobs such as construction engineers and plumbers.

7) Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry, including onshore and offshore drilling, has excellent job opportunities.

Oil and Gas Industry
Credits: Pixabay

The highest paying jobs come with a degree or years of relevant experience—the average salary is $135,321, while non-managerial employees make around $86,900.

Individuals without a degree or high school diploma can enter as an operator helper at an average annual salary of $34,220.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Consumer Nondurable Goods?

A consumer non-durable good is used up after purchase and then thrown away.

Food and beverages fall into this category, as do many hygiene products.

They’re consumable but not durable; you don’t keep them forever (and may not even keep them very long).

They are likely to be tossed out before they can wear out from use.

Popular Companies In Consumer Nondurables Industry?

This industry includes consumer non-durable goods consumed within a year of being produced.

The companies in the sector produce products such as toiletries, foods, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.

Some of the largest companies in the industry include The Procter & Gamble Company (P.G.P.G.), Colgate-Palmolive Company (CL), and Kimberly-Clark Corporation (K.M.B.).

In 2014, industry revenue was $873 billion. Revenue is projected to grow to $1079 billion by 2019.

There are around 15 million people employed in the industry. The mean annual wage is $260000 per year, and the median yearly wage is $232000 per year.

Is Consumer Nondurables a Good Career Path?

When we think of careers, what often comes to mind are engineering, medicine, and business, or at least those paths that deal with technology.

Consumer non-durables may not be a path you initially considered. It’s only when you dig deeper into its field that you realize how diverse it is and how lucrative it can be.

A career in consumer non-durables has long been touted as one of the most promising industries today because they have something that many other industries don’t—constant change and an influx of new ideas.

How to find consumer non-durable Jobs near you

Jobs in consumer non-durables encompass a wide range of fields. Jobs are available at home, work, or school, including paying positions like retail workers, customer service representatives, sales clerks and more.

Before applying for a consumer non-durable job you must first determine your preferred position.

Even though consumer non-durable jobs have similar qualities many different positions vary based on education levels needed to start working and other factors such as availability of different positions near you and salary.

What is the best paying job in Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

The best paying job in Consumer Non-Durable Industry is the Chief Excutive Offer. They make $788,338 annually and have a total salary range of $595,640 to $1,015,818.

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