Why Western conservative parties are heading for populism or disintegration (www.rt.com)

Why Western conservative parties are heading for populism or disintegration

The Liberal Party of Australia a traditional conservative party akin to the Republican Party in the US and the Conservative Party in the UK is currently in a state of acute crisis, a situation not dissimilar to the instability experienced by most conservative political parties in the West over the past few decades.

Formed in the late 1940s, the Liberal Party, in coalition with the smaller and ultra conservative National Party (representing the agricultural sector) has governed Australia for most of the postWorld War II period.

Last year, the coalition lost the federal election to the Labor Party (Australias other major party) thereby ending an almost unbroken decade in power.

In the recent New South Wales election, the Liberalled government was defeated by Labor after a similar period in office.

The Labor Party currently governs federally, in five of the six Australian states, and in both territories.

How did the electoral demise of the Liberal Party come about

These questions, and the answers, raise significant issues relating to the future of conservative parties and liberal democracy in the West.


    • Straying from conservative principles
    • Internal division
    • Culture wars that really arent
    • Fighting imaginary Marxists
    • Losing both the rich suburbs and the working class
    • Trying to appease the progressives
    • Salvaging the conservative future
    • Populism or death

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