Nigeria Leads The Race in Global Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (

Nigeria Leads The Race in Global Adoption of Artificial Intelligence


OpenAI CEO and inventor of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot ChatGPT, Sam Altman, has revealed that Nigeria is currently leading as the biggest adopter of Artificial Intelligence (AI) globally.

The tech CEO made this disclosure during a QampA session, at an event in Muson Center Lagos, Nigeria, which had the presence of tech experts, investors, and founders.

In his words,

Nigeria among all of the countries on the continent, I believe has been the biggest adopter of our technologies.

Some companies are already cutting through the clutter and making strides in AI, even with the obvious challenges.


These include KiaKia, Slatecube, Intelia, Richmond Alakes audiototext AI automation tool, and Justin Irabors Kainene Vos Savant, amongst others.

Notably, Altman is currently on a tour across countries and cities worldwide to push for the global adoption of Artificial Intelligence with Lagos, Nigeria listed as the only African country on the list.

He disclosed that his main purpose of the tour is to discuss with developers and a few policymakers the need for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, which is why his company has rolled out ChatGPT to get the world to start adopting the use of AI.

In addition to the meeting with OpenAI users and developers, Investors King understands that the Tech CEO also announced plans to discuss with Nigerian lawmakers to gather feedback and ideas about AI.

Recall that OpenAI opened ChatGPT to the public in November last year, demonstrating the chatbots excellent ability to give detailed responses to questions/queries.

The chatbot has no doubt enhanced work for individuals, and also companies, which has enabled them to automate tasks that required an entire team of humans, allowing them to move to more serious departments.

It reportedly reached a record high in 2022 in Nigeria and across the world.

The country is home to Africas most active tech hub, and developers in the country are already churning out great AIgenerated products.


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