Africa behind the rest as global 5G adoption is predicted to hit 17% in 2023 (

Africa behind the rest as global 5G adoption is predicted to hit 17% in 2023


The decision on when to launch IT is often based on a number of factors in the local market that reflect the readiness of operators to roll out 5G networks and readiness of customers (consumers and enterprises) to adopt its services and enabled solutions, the authors of 5G Africa realising the potential said.

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This transformative technology has the potential to reshape industries and unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation and economic development.

The organization adds that By the end of 2022, over 5.4 billion people globally subscribed to a mobile service, including 4.4 billion people who also used the mobile internet. The report notes that.

The mobile internet usage gap has narrowed markedly in the last five years from 50 in 2017 to 41 in 2022 on average but still remains significant and demands urgent attention from all stakeholders.

In 2022, mobile technologies and services generated 5 of global GDP, a contribution that amounted to 5.2 trillion of economic value added, and supported 28 million jobs across the wider mobile ecosystem.

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The implementation of the fifthgeneration network in this region will likely take time, allowing for infrastructure development and gradual adoption.

Some of the reasons for this delay include the unavailability of the 5G spectrum uncertainty over auction dates and high investment for 3G/4G networks.

5Grelated activities have begun to pick up across Africa, including spectrum auctions, pilots and commercial trials, as well as efforts to develop locally relevant use cases.


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