Chelsea board reveal why they appointed Mauricio Pochettino (

Chelsea board reveal why they appointed Mauricio Pochettino


The head coach of Chelsea Football Club, Mauricio Pochettino has been under scrutiny by some of the club's supporters.

There was a bit of debate among football stakeholders as it concerns the choice of picking the Argentine as the manager of Chelsea. Some suggested that there were better options that the club would have gone for instead of appointing Mauricio Pochettino.

"Laurence and I sat long and hard with the ownership and discussed the type of person and the attributes a head coach would need to have success at this club. It was a lengthy process and we interviewed several different candidates. "It was a huge appointment for the club. We felt Mauricio was the right fit and we are even more impressed having spent these early months with him. The way he has gone about it day-to-day, he’s had an impact with the players, staff, Laurence and I, and the ownership. It had to be the right fit in terms of the person, the leadership we needed, the ability and track record of developing players, and of building a team that can compete and perform in the Premier League. These are all things we were looking for."

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