5 Unskilled Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship [Apply Now]

If you’re looking to move to Canada and work, you might think that you have to have significant job experience in your field to get a visa sponsorship—and, technically, you’re right!

But if you’re willing to take up unskilled work, you may still be able to live and work in Canada with no problem.

Here are five unskilled jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship if your current skills don’t meet the requirements of an application through the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

What are Unskilled Jobs?

There are several types of unskilled jobs. They’re often categorized as semi-skilled or skilled jobs, meaning that they either require some type of qualification or not much qualification at all. This can include anything from a general labourer to a construction worker to a drywall installer.

These jobs typically do not require formal education and training and will therefore accept foreign workers on the country’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program for an indefinite period of time with sponsorship (limited number of months).

5 Unskilled Jobs in Canada That Offer Visa Sponsorship

The Canadian immigration system is divided into two classes, skilled and family class. Skilled immigration refers to jobs that require education and qualifications while family class immigrant visas are issued to those who are coming to live with family members in Canada or those who have close relatives living there.

To come as a skilled worker, the following work experience is typically required: you should have at least one year of full-time work experience in the occupation that you are qualified for.

There are more requirements for certain occupations such as health care professionals or agricultural workers but this is a general rule of thumb.

If you’re applying as an international student or temporary foreign worker, then your study or work must have been full-time.

1) Food Service Worker

Food service workers provide a necessary service for many businesses, hotels, and catering services. In addition to serving food, they are also responsible for cleaning up after the event or restaurant has closed.

On average, food service workers earn about $24/hour. In order to be eligible for this job with visa sponsorship, you need experience as a dishwasher, cook, bartender, or server.

You will also need to speak English, so if your first language is not English, you may want to brush up on your skills before applying.

2) Cook

Making a great pumpkin pie from scratch takes time and effort. One of the most-loved fall desserts, it’s often difficult to find pre-made pie crusts on store shelves.

Most grocery stores carry canned pumpkin, but if you want freshly-ground pumpkin, your best bet is finding a farmers market where you can ask for whole pumpkin.

From there, it’s all about buying the right ingredients: sugar, molasses, cinnamon and ginger are just some of the key ingredients that go into the filling while white sugar brown sugar or corn syrup are used to sweeten and thicken the caramelizing coating on top.

In terms of preparing ahead of time, once you’ve collected all of your ingredients all that’s left is making time in your schedule to actually cook them.

3) General Labourer

A general labourer is an individual who performs unskilled or semiskilled work for an employer or contractor.

Their duties may include loading and unloading goods, performing basic maintenance tasks, packing items, sorting and classifying materials, transporting goods from one location to another and carrying out other general tasks required by the employer.

If a firm doesn’t have any semiskilled laborers on staff, they can typically train a general labourer on the job. As such firms with more highly skilled workers tend to require contractors with similarly skilled employees.

4) Landscaper

Landscapers keep the grounds of houses, businesses, and other properties looking well maintained. If you enjoy being outdoors and work well with plants and landscaping, this might be a good opportunity for you.

You will need to complete two years of apprenticeship training before you are certified as a Canadian Landscape Association certified landscaper. The estimated yearly salary is $40,000 (source). Landscapers typically have high employment rates so competition can be tough.

There is no visa sponsorship available for land-based jobs like landscaping, but there are opportunities to work abroad as an apprentice or trainee where there might be sponsorship opportunities available.

5) Caregiver (Nurse, Personal Support Worker, Home Support Worker, etc.)

Home support workers are a highly essential and valuable part of our society. They keep seniors and people with disabilities, amongst others, out of hospitals or long-term care facilities by providing them with the type of help they need to live independently in their own homes.

Caregivers have many duties to perform, like cleaning and preparing meals for their clients as well as accompanying them on errands or social outings. Besides being very rewarding work, home support workers are a sought-after occupation that is also easy to find employment for.

Currently, the demand for qualified caregivers exceeds the supply, so there’s high demand for Canadian visas and work permits under this skill set.


It’s important to note that many of these skilled jobs are only available to Canadians, permanent residents and those with a work permit. When looking for an unskilled job in Canada, it’s best to look at industries like construction and hospitality that offer visa sponsorship.

Once you find a position, you’ll need to complete the process of applying for your work permit.

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