The Top 10 High Demand Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Canada’s high demand jobs in canada for immigrants are the most sought-after professions in the country, and with good reason – these positions typically offer high salaries, interesting work environments, and great career prospects.

If you’re an immigrant to Canada or thinking of becoming one, consider these 10 jobs as possible long-term goals.

Whare are High Demand Jobs?

High demand jobs are vacancies that employers struggle to fill. These are occupations or skillsets that have a higher-than-average labour turnover. It’s important to note that high demand occupations will vary from country to country depending on current market conditions and economic outlooks.

For example, despite how much the U.S economy has improved over the past few years, there is still a shortage of construction workers due to tight immigration policies and growing population density. Below is a list of the top ten high demand jobs in Canada based on numbers from 2017

10 High Demand Jobs in Canada for Immigrants [Apply Now]

Certain occupations are in such high demand in the Canadian workforce that most candidates don’t have a chance to find employment.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best jobs to pursue if you’re considering a move to Canada.

The list includes 10 high demand jobs that are difficult to find suitable candidates for, and hopefully this information will be helpful as you begin your job search.

1) Medical Laboratory Technologists

A Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) is an important member of a healthcare team. They work with a team of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to provide quality health care to patients.

This includes performing complex tests and providing analytical services as well as developing diagnostic procedures and implementing safety standards. They ensure that the laboratory runs efficiently while adhering to high quality standards.

2) Software Developers, Applications

When it comes to choosing a high demand job, the choices can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of high jobs that rank highly on lists like Monster’s and CareerBuilder’s, but we feel there are some important considerations you should take into account before picking a career path.

The first question you should ask yourself is where am I now? and the second is where do I want to be? Getting your finances in order is often overlooked when considering employment, but it really does make all the difference.

If you’re employed now with higher income and security, then starting at a lower wage might not be as intimidating of an idea. However, if you are still struggling financially or seeking out more independence from your current employer, then go for the high pay and highest potential earnings.

3) Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistants can expect to be vital in maintaining an organization’s operations and efficiency. If you are seeking a career where you can take initiative and responsibility, this might be the job for you.

Core tasks will include managing travel and overseeing office supplies, which require a high level of attention to detail and organization skills. -Communication skills are critical in this job as they coordinate with various departments to ensure that all paperwork is accounted for, deadlines are met, etc.

They may also be responsible for delivering documents on behalf of their employer as well as meeting with clients on behalf of the employer (you will need a high level of comfortability working independently).

4) Customer Service Representatives

Companies need customer service representatives to handle everything from basic customer inquiries to booking flights. Duties can include fielding questions about products, negotiating disputes, handling billing errors and refunds, and making recommendations.

These jobs are good entry-level positions with room for advancement; many supervisors started as customer service reps themselves. With the right skills, you can advance into positions such as reservations agent or sales representative.

If you’re fluent in more than one language (particularly Spanish), this could be a great opportunity to apply your skills and jumpstart your career! A few Canadian companies that hire fluent Spanish speakers are Air Transat Airlines Inc., CIBC Bank Canada, TELUS Corp., The Toronto-Dominion Bank and Scotiabank Group.

5) Business Development Managers

Canada has become a very attractive destination for immigrants. Immigration policies are among the most favorable of any industrialized country, with our doors opening wide to people from around the world.

And while we may not be able to say how many are entering this country each year, we can surmise that they’re looking to find work and an interesting new challenge to pursue. A career as a Business Development Manager might just be right up their alley.

These professionals take on all aspects of developing business plans and strategies for companies that are trying to enter into new markets or those who have existing business interests abroad and need someone with a fresh perspective on things.

6) Professional Occupations in Education Services

We offer Canadian high school, undergraduate and graduate level classes, English as a Second Language courses, as well as citizenship and language courses. Our courses are designed to help immigrants settle and thrive in the GTA.

As a founding member of the Toronto Languages Centre we provide an array of services that include free workshops and community programs delivered by professional instructors in various languages.

In addition to our large selection of continuing education courses offered year-round, the Mississauga campus also offers short courses on various topics taught by specialized instructors from different regions of the world.

These workshops are open to anyone who wishes to learn about a culture or develop their language skills.

7) Web Designers

Web Designers are in high demand as more businesses and companies jump on the internet bandwagon. Web designers need to know a wide range of design programs and techniques like HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

To be a successful web designer, you’ll need to constantly up-skill on new technologies such as responsive design and cross-platform compatibility.

Educational requirements can vary from program to program, but at least one Bachelor’s degree is often required for this position – such as Graphic Design or Communication Design. As well, some employers may expect potential employees to have experience with similar technologies through freelance work or previous employment before considering them for the job.

8) Financial and Investment Analysts

Immigrants to Canada will have the best luck finding a job if they are a Financial and Investment Analyst. These professionals are well-paid, yet don’t require a bachelor’s degree. And their positions can be found all over the country, so there is sure to be one nearby!

Financial and Investment Analysts provide advice on how to invest money, including what assets and strategies would provide the highest return on investment. They also give guidance about when you should buy or sell an asset like stocks or bonds.

These positions are highly sought after all over Canada, as firms need qualified advisors who can help guide investors. Plus, it’s a very stable field that doesn’t fluctuate with the economy and offers great opportunities to work with international firms.

9) Registered Nurses

Registered nurses (RNs) are a highly demanded professional who take care of patients by assessing, diagnosing, and treating their health issues. Some common duties include: administering medication and assisting with the treatment of various medical conditions.

RNs work closely with physicians to assess the needs of patients, determine appropriate treatments and promote wellness to help them live independent lives.

10) Information Systems Management Professionals

Systems management professionals oversee the designing, programming, testing and operation of an organization’s computer systems.

Their responsibilities include taking care of and making sure a company’s information technology is up to date and as secure as possible. Information systems managers typically work on teams with other professionals who have their own areas of expertise such as programmers or business analysts.

The median annual wage for these positions was $108,980 in 2012 according to Statistics Canada, the highest median salary among IT professionals.


Moving to a new country, especially one as large and diverse as Canada, can be daunting. To make the process a little less overwhelming, it’s important to consider what jobs are currently in high demand and that might be accessible for you.

Check out our list of ten of the top high demand jobs in Canada for Immigrants and see which ones match your skillset!

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