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How to Start a Composition Roofing Business the RIGHT Way

How to Start a Composition Roofing Business the RIGHT Way
Written by Okosun John

Composition roofing business is a great place to make money in the service industry. On this post I will show you how to start a composition roofing business.

I want to welcome you to this post on how to start a composition roofing business.

well, first of all, I want to congratulate you because a composition roofing business is a great place to make money in the service industry.

And let’s face it.

America today is a service industry and you know there is a lot of making money from composition roofing.

Composition roofing is hard work. Yes.

it does require a certain amount of knowledge and skill and of course NOT being afraid of heights.

If you’re afraid of heights, you don’t want to be doing composition roofing.

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Some of the key points and things you have to worry about when you get started as a composition roofing contractor are discussed below;


You’re going to have to find out what laws your state has regarding licensing and you need to get licensed.

Apply for licenses and permits
Credits: Pixabay

Some states don’t require a license such as Maine doesn’t require a license and a lot of other states don’t.

But most states have a requirement for composition roofing contractors that says either you pay an annual fee for a license, pay every two years

or you have to have a certain amount of experience and pay a fee just like any type of licensing you to know.


You’ve got to be backed up with insurance.

The first is the licensing and the second one is going to be insurance.

This will probably be one of the largest expenses you’re ever going to make other than a truck.

Insurance I know workers covers liability

This covers the homeowner; it covers any liability that you create whether the equipment is in and off the job site

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and also covers the workers in case something goes wrong and you know roofing is one of the worst three jobs.

When people fall off the roof it’s catastrophic and they’re going to get hurt so these two things are going to be key to getting started.

You are going to have to call your state and find out what the composition roofing requirement is.

I think it’s like sixty percent you need a license the other forty you don’t.

so, I’m not sure about the states but check with your state to verify so you don’t get yourself in trouble.

Tools and Equipment

The third thing is, you’re going to need for composition roofing are some tools and equipment.

Tools and equipment require some staging ladders, some OSHA-compliant fall protection.

You need to wear a helmet on the roof.

Credits: Pixabay

Grab an OSHA book if you haven’t taken an OSHA class.

I strongly recommend you go. And some of your suppliers may have an OSHA requirement class annually.

You can find some composite roofing workers who will point you in the right direction.

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You’re going to need to have safety meetings with your workers in case anything goes wrong like somebody gets hurt they’ve got to be able to go to the right doctor.

Aside from the tools and equipment, another good-sized investment you are going to make is the purchase of a truck.

A truck to carry the ladders and tools and staging.

You’re going to need a van or a truck. I like a van because you can put everything inside the van at night lock it up.

You can put ladders on the top, you can put your compressor and other tools and equipment such as tarps and rakes and everything inside the van and it’s secure.

So, the van is probably better.

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if you’re looking for an all-in-one type vehicle you can have a dump trailer on the back of your van.

It’s a great way to have an all-in-one tool.

The tools and equipment van

you could be looking at another 15,000 to 20,000 dollars by the time you get set up with the low end.

For a high-end brand-new van, you look for 30,000 – 40,000 dollars.

So, you can be looking somewhere in the thirty range but since you are just getting started you can start small.

You can buy a used van, used equipment, ladders including the roofing brackets.

You might want to buy a new butt nail guns compressor. You’re going to need some shingle rippers, a couple of tool bags, hammers, hook, blades razor, knives.

Your basic hand tools will cost like another few grand. By the time you get in nail guns, there are a couple of hundred dollars apiece except to every ten roofs to buy a new gun.

It’s like the throwaway.

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I mean the $250 you know you put on I don’t know 200 square 300 square with them they might begin to wear out but if you care with them,

make sure you oil them properly and everything will work out well for you.

Marketing for your Composition Roofing Business

The fourth thing to get all this going is you’re going to need some marketing.

Marketing your roofing business can start relatively inexpensive believe it or not.

You can put something on Craigslist, Facebook.

You might know some people or your parents can help you or somebody in your community.

If you need to the best way, is to go knock on doors.

I mean basically, you walk around the neighborhood you see a roof that needs to get done, you go talk to the homeowner,

and tell them look I’m ready to get the roof done.

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They’re like okay great let’s do it.

Done Deal…

So, marketing can be expensive but think of it as an investment for your business.

Sales Training

This is a big one.

You need to know how to sell the jobs. You can find some stuff like videos to try to help you with free training

but it’s important to make sure you’ve got at least four or five sales training steps under your system

  • build the need
  • find out the need
  • build reports
  • sell the job
  • sell the company
  • sell the product and
  • close the deal

These are the things that a lot of guys don’t understand as sales and marketing.

and they wonder why they don’t get any jobs.

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These are the things that you definitely need to get started

  • licenses
  • insurance
  • tools and equipment

While the

  • sales and
  • marketing

are the things you need to grow your business.

and then six

and I can’t stress this enough is

A website

I always recommend having some kind of website behind the scenes working.

You can either

  1. Create a website yourself
  2. or hire a developer

Running a composition roofing business is going to need a website even if you are you are running it as a side hustle.

Having a website will help you get more customers and not just that it helps make your composition roofing business look professional.

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These are the tips you need to start your own composition roofing business,

In case you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

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