Rich vs. Wealthy: What’s the Difference? (

Rich vs. Wealthy: What’s the Difference?

His family owned several fastfood restaurants and they had a huge house that was a lot nicer than mine.

He also drove a brand new Dodge Stealth when he was just 16yearsold, which is pretty overthetop when you think about it.

In the meantime, his parents were more than happy to pay for all his friends to watch any payperview event that came around think OG boxing matches like Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield.

This was a huge deal to me since my dad would never pay a few hundred bucks for me and my friends to watch a boxing match or some other payperview sporting event.

After all, they always had extra cash to spend on cars, entertainment, and basically anything else they wanted.

Now that Im older, however, I know most people who spend lavishly on material possessions and stuff are rich but not wealthy.

They might earn a lot of money, but thats not the same as being wealthy.

In fact, earning a lot of money can easily put people on the path to going broke.

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There are several memories from my own childhood that made me think I knew how to tell if someone was rich, yet one in particular still sticks in my mind.

When I was in high school, there was a kid in my class who I definitely thought was rich.


    • Rich vs. Poor Whats the Difference
    • What Does Rich Mean
    • Being Rich is Limited to Living a Rich Lifestyle
    • What Does Wealthy Mean
    • Key Differences Between the Rich and the Wealthy
    • Rich or Wealthy Which is Better
    • 9 Key Steps to Becoming Wealthy
    • Best Quotes About Wealth
    • Quotes from WellKnown Entrepreneurs or Business Tycoons
    • FAQs on Rich Vs Wealthy
      • Step 1 Avoid Debt Like the Plague
      • Step 2 Invest in Personal Growth
      • Step 3 Build an Emergency Fund
      • Step 4 Build Your AllStar Team
      • Step 5 Invest Your Income (20 or More)
      • Step 6 Create Passive Income
      • Step 7 Focus On Your Goals
      • Step 8 Focus On Contentment
      • Step 9 Give Back
      • Be Ethical
      • Money is a commodity
      • Be patient
      • Everyone wont agree with you
      • Be persistent
      • Question yourself and get feedback
      • 1. Jeff Bezos
      • 2. Sara Blakely
      • 3. Michael Bloomberg
      • 4. Warren Buffett
      • 5. Larry Ellison
      • 6. Bill Gates
      • 7. Elon Musk
      • 8. Larry Page
      • 9. J. K. Rowling
      • 10. George Soros
      • 11. Oprah Winfrey
      • 12. Mark Zuckerberg

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