Simi marks 35th birthday with stunning photos (

Simi marks 35th birthday with stunning photos

If god doesnt love me most I dont know who . She wrote.

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I feel like Im letting yall down Simi opens up on delayed album release

Simi,a musician from Nigeria, has asked her followers to be patient while she finishes up her upcoming album.

She explained that although she had three plans, life got in the way and they all fell through.

She also acknowledged that she doesnt want to release subpar music because she frequently finds that when she does so under duress, she ends up disliking or regretting it.

Simi continued by assuring her fans that her album would be the onethey needed this year.

Army asking me when Im dropping new new.

Be patient with me.

I think Im just qoing to drop an album instead of singles actually.

And I dont want to give you rubbish stuff.

Just know My album this year will be the album you need from me.

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