Bing AI chat is now open to all and about to get even more powerful (

Bing AI chat is now open to all and about to get even more powerful


In our demos, we asked Bing AI why Neptune is blue, and in addition to the text explanation (something to do with its methane atmosphere), we got a nice big photo of the blue planet

Playing with the new Bing AI chat interface, which still looks a lot like the current one. (Image credit Future)

When we asked Bing AI for skiing lessons, we got a bunch of YouTube videos that would play inside the chat window or in one of the new cards that pop up on top of the chat result, featuring these videos and photos.

Other updates include the ability to save all of your previous Bing AI chat sessions, which you can easily access in a sidebar window pane.

In addition to textbased queries, the new Bing AI chatbot will accept images you either paste into the interface or drag and drop from the desktop or folder.

In the demonstration I saw, Microsoft found online images of yarn animals (knit a horse or monkey), dragged one into the new Bing chat, and then typed a text prompt that asked if Bing could show it how to recreate the knitted monkey.

Bing AI knows that youre talking about the image you just dropped in and responds appropriately with instructions.

Since launch, the GPT4powered Bing AI has, Mehdi said, delivered half a billion chats and 200 million people have used the platform to generate AI images.

Its an apparent lead that Microsoft is keen to capitalize on with a multimediainfused collection of updates that, based on what I saw in a handful of demos, may turn the act of online search on its ear.

One of the biggest updates, which Microsoft could only demonstrate with a canned but impressive video, is multimodal search.


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