Business accelerator: Meaning, benefits, challenges and more (

Business accelerator: Meaning, benefits, challenges and more


Business accelerators are some of the means through which support is given to startups across the globe.

This article offers all there is to know on business accelerators globally.

ContentsWhat is a business acceleratorThe rise of business acceleratorsHow to be selected by a business acceleratorBenefits of business accelerators1.Mentorship and guidance2.Access to funding3.Network expansion4.Skill development and learning opportunities5.Validation and credibility6.Access to resources and infrastructure7.

The global business scene is filled with varying startups trying, as best as they can, to pull through the hustle and bustle of starting a business.

Startups tend to lack some of the basic needs to pull their business through to success.


    • What is a business accelerator
    • The rise of business accelerators
    • How to be selected by a business accelerator
    • Benefits of business accelerators
    • Challenges of business accelerators
    • Conclusion
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.Mentorship and guidance
      • 2.Access to funding
      • 3.Network expansion
      • 4.Skill development and learning opportunities
      • 5.Validation and credibility
      • 6.Access to resources and infrastructure
      • 7. Exposure and market access


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