Expensive prank: Japanese restaurant sues teenager $480k over prank gone wrong (technext24.com)

Expensive prank: Japanese restaurant sues teenager $480k over prank gone wrong


Though he admitted to the act and said he regrets his actions, he also said that the decline in customers could be attributed to fierce competition in the restaurant industry.

But the ripple effect of the incident has created new problems for food chains in Japan as they struggle to clamp down on the trends of customers recording themselves committing unhygienic acts with the hopes of going viral.

According to Bloomberg, two other major conveyor belt sushi chains,Zensho Holdings Co.owned Hamasushi andKura Sushi Inc., said in February that they were considering methods such as deploying artificial intelligence and cameras to thwart potential pranksters.

Already, Sushiro has added acrylic screens at some outlets to deter tampering on its conveyor belts, and said it would provide fresh seasonings and cutlery to those who request it, the costs for which it is seeking recompense from the teen, Bloomberg adds.

While some pranksters have found themselves in serious problems with the wrong subject, including being assaulted sometimes, this incident in Japan represents one of the rare instances that the prankster has faced immense backlash and been rejected for what would otherwise have been ignored as mere comedy.

The copycat incidents also underscore the problems of the outrage mechanisation of powerful social media companies.

He was also licking utensils at a sushi fast food.

Despite an apology from the prankster, Food amp Life Cos., the parent company of Akindo Sushiro, the popular Japanese food chain where the incident occurred, filed a police report and now a suit with the Osaka District Court, seeking damages.

pic.twitter.com/wPI9X9dKLX .com (bakusaicom) January 29, 2023

Since the incident tagged SushiTerrorism on social media occurred in January, the company says that it has experienced a drop in sales and foot traffic, including its stock prices plummeting by 4.8 at the time.

The incident, which happened at a Sushiro outlet in Japans central city of Gifu, immediately sparked outrage across the country all through February.

She has since owned the format, making various interactions of videos with similar storylines.

Other pranksters include Z Fancy who has been more daring with his videos offering strangers money and then pretending to be a ritualist.

Despite the outrage that followed the initial SushiTerrorism incident, there has been a wave of copycat incidents shortly after the video, spreading across various social media platforms, making other Sushi chains alert.

Through his lawyers, the prankster has rejected the claim that his prank is in any way responsible for the decline in sales and foot traffic at Suchiro, arguing that the court should dismiss the complaint entirely.


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