Best Alphabet Apps for Kids (Android/iOS) in 2023 (

Best Alphabet Apps for Kids (Android/iOS) in 2023


In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be writing about some of the best free alphabet apps for kids. These apps are not just about letters; they teach kids spelling, sounds of letters, how words work, and more. They’re fun and help kids enjoy learning. These apps are great because they’re not only free but also teach important things.

Kids can learn spelling, phonics, and grammar while playing with these apps. They help children get better at reading and writing. Even though most good apps cost money, these alphabet apps are a good exception. Kids can learn a lot without spending any money.

Using these apps will be like a game for kids. With them, they can learn and have fun at the same time. They are a great way to help kids get ready for school, and be good at reading when they start school. So, these apps are really helpful for kids. Below is a list of recommended alphabet apps for kids.

List of the Best Alphabet Apps for Kids on Android and iOS

1. ABC Learn Alphabet for Kids

This is one of the popular alphabet apps that help young children learn to read and write. It’s colorful and simple to use, perfect for kids aged 2 to 6. There are no ads, so kids can focus on learning without distractions.

The app introduces each letter with a fun character that kids will enjoy. This makes learning the letters and their sounds enjoyable. After recognizing the letters, there are exercises that make mastering them easy and fun.

Once they know the letters, the app teaches kids how to write them. They’ll start with printed letters, which sets the foundation for writing lowercase letters later on. This app is a great tool for parents to make learning engaging and straightforward for their children.

2. ABC Kids

This is a fun and free game designed to help children learn the alphabet easily. Lucas, the friendly lion, guides kids through the letters and teaches them how to write them correctly. Lucas also makes learning the correct sounds of the letters entertaining and enjoyable.

Kids from toddlers up to 8 years old love this game because of its colorful pictures and engaging content. It is believed to be one of the best alphabet apps as it encourages a love for learning, reading, and writing.

The game doesn’t take up much space on your device and can be played offline. As you play, the challenges become more advanced to match your growing knowledge. The game’s format makes learning more effective, and you can progress by tracing letters accurately, arranging them in order, or listening to Lucas and his friends’ guidance.

3. LetterSchool

The purpose of this app is to help children learn how to recognize letters and use them to write short sentences. The app has different levels of difficulty. At first, kids need to learn how to write each letter of the alphabet correctly. After that, they can start combining the letters to make words and even create sentences for a short story.

When children pick a letter, they’ll get to learn a random word that starts with that letter, along with a picture of that letter. It’s recommended for them to practice writing the letter on a blank piece of paper. In the beginning, they might need some help, but as they progress, they should try to write the letter from memory.

This app is really helpful for practicing both how letters sound (phonetics) and how to write them. It doesn’t have flashy pictures or lots of animation, so kids can focus on learning. Even though it’s not super colorful, kids will still find the learning material interesting.

4. Alphabet ABC!

This is a fun game for kids above three years old. It helps them learn how to say and spell alphabet letters correctly. Teachers’ advice and modern teaching methods were used to create the learning material.

Children earn lollipops in the game’s currency when they complete tasks. First, kids repeat words and trace letters with a female voice guiding them patiently. This friendly female voice explains everything clearly and gives time for kids to practice saying words.

The game doesn’t need the internet, so kids can play offline. It saves progress and starts where the child left off. The game shows three pictures for each letter to help kids remember words. It’s a playful way for kids to learn and have fun.

5. ABC Kids Games for Toddlers

This app is designed to help children learn the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. It’s easy to use and free for users. The app has a bright design and a simple interface that makes it easy for kids to use.

The app is mainly created for preschoolers aged 2 to 6 years old. Even specialists working in early childhood development might find it useful. It uses entertaining games to teach kids the alphabet. The app includes animated characters and sound effects to make learning enjoyable.

Each letter of the alphabet has its own lesson with tasks to complete. This helps children learn consistently and effectively. Kids can learn how to spell and pronounce each letter correctly. The lessons are designed to be interesting and not boring, making it a great tool for toddlers to learn the alphabet.

6. Spelling & Phonics

This is a fun educational game designed for kids aged 12 and under. Developed with creativity, this app helps children learn the alphabet in an enjoyable way. The lion cub and his friends guide kids through the learning process, making it feel like a game rather than a task.

The lion cub presents a word, and kids rearrange the letters below to form the correct word, aided by a reference. Parents can make the game more challenging by hiding the answer and encouraging kids to construct the word independently.

The app includes sound effects that accompany letter selection, helping kids grasp phonetic sounds’ correct pronunciation. As kids progress, the game advances through different levels of difficulty. The recent update introduced a fourth complexity level and the option to choose the desired level.


These alphabet apps for kids teach spelling, phonetics, grammar, and literacy in a playful way, sparking children’s interest in learning. And being that the apps are free, they can help children learn quickly and get ready for school. You can pick any one that best suits you.

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