Does Audi provide loaner cars? Find out the answer and more Audi FAQs here!

If you own an Audi vehicle, you’re bound to have lots of questions about the car itself, your warranty, maintenance, etc. This article will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Audis. If your Audi breaks down or you need to get it serviced, you’ll have some information to help get the problem resolved quickly and easily. But first, let’s answer that all-important question – does Audi provide loaner cars? And yes, they do!

What are the Audi lease rates?

Audi offers lease rates that are typically slightly higher than its competitors, which may be desirable to some buyers. Audi also provides luxury incentives on top of its typical lease deals, including sales and service bonuses and complimentary vehicle detailing. According to Jalopnik, a site dedicated to reviewing all things automotive, leasing a new Audi vehicle for four years or less is an excellent option for drivers who do not plan on keeping their vehicles for the long term.

Is there a mileage limit on an Audi lease

Yes, there is a mileage limit for Audi leases. You can learn all about Audi lease mileage limits in our Lease Guide. If you’re considering an Audi lease, read through our guide before diving in headfirst. You’ll find information on how many miles per year you can put on your Audi and any extra fees that may apply if you go over your limit. The best advice we can give, though: take it easy on those new tires! 😉

How do I get my car serviced if I am leasing an Audi?

If you are leasing an Audi, you’ll want to take it in for its scheduled service appointments. Service intervals are dependent on your vehicle’s mileage, driving conditions, and more. If you have any questions about servicing your car, contact Audi Financial Services directly; it is a separate company from Audi USA or Germany. You can find a local Audi Financial Services dealer near you through their website. As an added perk of leasing or owning an Audi vehicle through Audi Financial Services, they will pick up your car from your home or office if needed.

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How much is it to fill up my tank with premium gas in an Audi?

If you’re shopping for an Audi or already have one, figuring out how much gas it takes to fill up your tank can help save money and make it easier to calculate your trips per tank. Every car manufacturer has its own estimates, but premium gas is generally close to a dollar more expensive than regular at most stations. So if you drive 20 miles per gallon (mpg) regularly with a 16-gallon tank, for example, filling up would cost around $40. The main thing is remembering that premium costs extra – so even if you don’t need it, it might be worth using it every once in a while.

Should I take my car to the dealer for regular maintenance, even with an extended warranty?

As with many questions of a similar nature, it depends. Suppose you have an extended warranty that covers regular maintenance items. In that case, you should go to your dealer for those items to get them covered under your plan. But if you do not have an extended warranty or don’t have any other coverage, then taking your car to a non-dealer shop will probably be fine (as long as they are experienced in working on German cars). For example, if you live in Massachusetts, where my dealership is located, there are no drive-in repair shops left in our state; all repair shops will require that you drop off your car for at least two days.

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What does it mean when my check engine light comes on

Your car’s check engine light is one of your best friends for maintaining a reliable vehicle. However, sometimes that friendly little reminder can come on for reasons you don’t recognize. Sometimes, it can even come on when you aren’t driving. What does it mean when my check engine light comes on? Don’t worry; we have all the answers to your most pressing questions below. Let us be your go-to resource for knowledge about vehicles; we have you covered whether you need to know about financing or maintenance.

Do you need special tools to change the oil in an Audi?

It’s not required, but it helps. The drain plug is super-tight, which requires a special tool to loosen; most people don’t have that on hand, so having one is highly recommended. If you don’t have one lying around, you can find one online for around $20. Without a tool like that, you’ll need to carefully use your hands to turn it by hand as far as possible before using pliers to get it loose.

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