Does Doordash Affect Your Insurance? [Expert Answer]

Does Doordash Affect Your Insurance? Here is an expert answer to the question…

If you drive for doordash, then you’ve likely wondered whether or not it affects your car insurance. While driving with passengers can certainly affect your insurance, whether or not you’re working as an independent contractor driver has no effect on the price of your car insurance policy.

If you work as an independent contractor, then your rates should stay the same regardless of whether or not you work as a doordash driver on any given day. To learn more about how doordash affects your rates, check out our guide below.

What Is Doordash?

In short, Doordash is a mobile app that allows customers to place orders from restaurants in their area and have them delivered. For drivers, Doordash acts as an additional source of income—they’re paid $4-10 per delivery.

If you don’t mind occasionally getting behind the wheel (and keeping your personal auto insurance policy up to date), then you could earn a few extra bucks with minimal work on your part. That’s particularly true if you live in an area with high demand; at present, there are over 300 cities available for delivery on Doordash!

How Much Does Doordash Pay?

It is important to know how much doordash pays so that you can make a decent living. Doordash does not release how much they pay per delivery, but if you are determined, it is possible to find out exactly how much doordash pays.

There are countless surveys from drivers who have taken part in these studies to help you determine how much doordash pays their drivers. You could even read reports from independent research companies which often include information on how much doordash pays their drivers.

What Do You Need To Be A Doordash Driver?

To be a doordash driver, you must have your own auto insurance policy in place to cover you when you’re driving. For most drivers, personal auto insurance policies will suffice. If you use your car for commercial purposes like doordash, however, then it is a good idea to check your policy or contact your agent and make sure that commercial driving is covered.

Otherwise, you may have an issue with liability and get hit with a claim from an injured party (yes, even on doordash). You can reach out to us at 1800 AutoInsurance (1-800-290-6189) if you need assistance determining if your auto insurance policy covers doordash drivers.

Do You Have To Be 18 To Doordash?

The quick answer is that you do not have to be 18 to work for Doordash. Many people who sign up for a Doordash account are under 18 years old, so there is nothing stopping you from signing up and working.

That being said, it does depend on where you live and what state you drive in. There are many states that require food delivery drivers to be over 18 because of minimum age laws or insurance requirements.

If you aren’t sure about your state’s regulations, contact Doordash and they will let you know. Since they also need to comply with state regulations, they won’t be able to hire someone if they can’t find out what those regulations are.

Does Doordash Affect Your Insurance?

DoorDash provides insurance coverage during deliveries, but it doesn’t cover every instant of work or personal driving you do, so you need your own car insurance too. All that said, you need to consider your driving for DoorDash will result in an increase in your car insurance premium, and the potential need for an increased rideshare insurance policy.

It should be noted you will be driving a lot more as a driver for DoorDash. Unfortunately, your insurer may deem that if you are on the road more often than the average person, you will make more claims and will cost them more in terms of commissions.

As a result, they will increase your premiums. Alternatively, you may also want to consider getting rideshare insurance with your regular car insurance. While it’s not essential, it does give you more peace of mind during your down time between deliveries.

Plus, ride-sharing policy usually costs only a few extra dollars each month. It’s great to use DoorDash to work on top of your other work schedule, but you should not have to spend a ton of money on insurance.

Do I Need To Tell My Insurance I Drive For Doordash?

If you’re an occasional driver for Doordash, or a potential new applicant, it’s important to understand how driving for Doordash will affect your car insurance. You’ll need to tell your insurance company that you are going to drive for Doordash when they ask if you have additional business.

If you don’t, they could cancel your policy or raise your rates since insurance companies typically have clauses in their contracts that protect them against drivers who do something on the side as a means of income.

Make sure to tell them right away so there is no lapse in coverage and that nothing is dropped from their records once it has been added.

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