Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Gutter Damage? [Everything You Need To Know]

Does homeowners insurance cover gutter damage? It depends on where you live and the type of damage, but the answer is often yes.

Whether it’s your home or business that suffers from gutter damage, it’s essential to know whether your insurance covers it, so you can start repairs and recouping losses as soon as possible.

Read on to learn all about what insurance policies cover when it comes to gutter damage and how to avoid future problems with your gutters and downspouts.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover in 2022

Homeowners insurance is made up of three primary policies, which are often marketed as a package.

The most basic of these policies cover your home and personal property against disasters such as fire or windstorm, but for an additional fee, it can protect your belongings in case someone gets hurt on your property or if you have a lawsuit filed against you.

This policy also covers more minor incidents, such as breaking windows if someone accidentally throws a baseball through them.

The second homeowners’ insurance policy protects your family if one of its members gets sick from something in your home — that’s why it’s called personal liability.

Suppose someone has an allergic reaction to something at home and needs emergency care. In that case, that person could sue for damages.

What does homeowners insurance not cover?

Your homeowner’s insurance should cover everything that is not explicitly excluded from coverage by your insurance company.

While not every policy is created equal, some things will generally not be covered: losses involving wind and floods, damage from living things like trees or rodents, and vandalism.

However, there are many states where these exclusions may be prohibited.

Contact your insurance company or an independent agent for a copy of your policy and make sure you understand what’s covered and what isn’t.

Not understanding what’s covered can result in a massive loss if it turns out that you aren’t protected when disaster strikes.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Gutter Damage

Not every insurance policy covers gutter damage, but most do. Homeowner’s insurance policies can cover different kinds of damages, so if your roof is damaged by a falling tree branch or heavy snow load in a storm, your policy will probably cover it.

However, it might not cover any damage already present on your home before purchasing your insurance coverage.

For example, suppose you have an ice dam that causes severe water damage and mold growth under your roof shingles.

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In that case, chances are good that it won’t be covered under your homeowner’s policy.

Another factor determining whether or not gutter damage is covered is whether or not debris accumulated before or after rainstorm season.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Gutter Damage? [Everything You Need To Know], JokosHQ
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Most insurance policies contain exclusions for things like normal wear and tear, dirt and debris (you can be liable for failing to keep leaves out of gutters), insects, or plant growths that clog gutters or damaged property (such as trees).

If you don’t keep up with regular gutter maintenance—like cleaning them out every year— you may lose coverage if they become clogged and burst open. Another primary reason your policy might not cover a particular claim is that a pre-existing condition caused it.

Maintenance issues

Maintaining your gutters may be a lot of work, but it’s essential. If you want to avoid expensive repairs down the road, pay attention to any signs of damage or other issues to be resolved before they get worse. Consider getting a professional inspection every few years; paying for preventative maintenance is better than paying out of pocket after the damage.

Wear and Tear

wear and tear are considered an act of nature and not a covered event. If your gutters have just started leaking, it may be due to normal wear and tear or a cracked or damaged seal. Usually, home insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by cracks or other defects in your gutters, but there are exceptions.


Keeping your gutter in proper repair is one of your most essential duties as a homeowner. If you fail to do so, or if an accident happens and reveals that you did not fulfill your duty of care, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover gutter damage. This means that when a claim is made against your policy, they may deny coverage even if it’s legitimate and well-founded.

Types of Policies

The first thing to understand is that a homeowners insurance policy isn’t just one policy. There are four different types of policies: dwelling, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. Each of these policies protects different things, and each has a unique deductible amount.

For example, a standard homeowners insurance policy will have deductibles (such as $500 or $1,000). Talk with your agent about which type of coverage best fits your needs.

They’ll be able to guide you through everything and help select various add-ons if needed. Your premium amount will depend on what you’re getting covered by your insurance company.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Gutter Damage? [Everything You Need To Know], JokosHQ
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Important information to know when choosing your policy coverage

  • Many homeowners policies only cover damage caused by high winds and hail
  • Be sure to review your deductible amount before making a claim. It will likely be applied to repairs even if they exceed your coverage limit.
  • Even if insurance is not required by law in your state or city, you may still want it to protect against liability claims and lawsuits after an accident on your property (e.g., someone trips over damaged gutters).
  • Is it possible to add a rider (an amendment) to your policy that will cover future repairs if needed and provide a discount on your premium? Yes! This is called an endorsement, and it can be purchased separately from your current homeowner’s policy.

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The Importance of Understanding Your Policies

Many homeowners assume that insurance policies cover their gutter damage in full, but that’s not necessarily true. Even if your insurance policy covers water damage, it doesn’t automatically mean it will cover gutter damage.

Suppose you want to ensure your home is adequately protected against all types of damage. In that case, you’ll have to review your policy and understand what kind of coverage you have for your gutters and other areas around your home.

Also necessary is finding out how much a repair costs before filing a claim. As with most insurance claims, there are limits as to how much money an insurer will pay out—so it’s always wise to find out exactly what those limits are before filing a claim on your policy.


How much does it cost to replace gutters?

It all depends on where you live and how much coverage your insurance company has for gutter damage.

Suppose your home is located in a hurricane-prone area. In that case, a gutter replacement will likely be covered by your policy.

Otherwise, replacement might not be included at all—or it might only be covered under certain circumstances (such as a storm or falling tree branch).

Thankfully, most insurance companies make these details public before policies are purchased; otherwise, call your agent and ask! You can also check out your state’s Department of Insurance website to see if they have any consumer guides available.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, the average cost of gutters in 2017 was $420 per linear foot. This breaks down to about $14 per square foot, including materials and labor costs. However, prices vary widely depending on location and other factors.

For example, contractors in larger cities like New York City charge significantly more than those in smaller towns like Des Moines, Iowa. Likewise, contractors who work with metal instead of wood generally charge more than those who use wood products exclusively.

Does home insurance cover roof

This can vary greatly by insurance company and policy. Still, in general, there are two factors that determine whether your home insurance will cover roof damage.

Those two factors are how old your roof is and whether or not it has ever been replaced.

If you’re not sure how old your roof is, contact your insurer directly—many companies will actually have information about when your roof was installed or made available online as part of their underwriting process.

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