Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Powder Post Beetle Damage? 10 Things To Know

Does homeowners insurance cover powder post beetle damage? Lets go deeper.

Powder post beetles are small, creepy crawlies that can do some damage to wood furniture and other wooden items inside your home.

Since they’re pests, they aren’t covered by homeowners insurance, right? The short answer to this question is no — powder post beetle damage isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

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However, the longer answer shows that the situation isn’t quite so cut and dry…

1) What Are Powder Post Beetles?

A powder post beetle is a small beetle that feeds on hardwood, such as oak and hickory. The beetles lay eggs inside of hardwood pieces such as furniture, picture frames and other structural beams in buildings.

Once hatched, powder post beetles eat away at wood to provide food for their growing larvae. If left unchecked, they can destroy much of a home’s wooden frame over time.

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2) What Does A Powderpost Beetle Look Like?

The American powderpost beetle (Lepidophora lepidophora) is a common culprit of damage to wooden furniture, flooring, and lumber. This insect has a white head with a brown body about one-quarter inch long.

The adult beetles chew small holes in wood that are about 1/8-inch in diameter and approximately 1/16 inch deep. As larva or immature beetles, they tunnel within wood; it’s not uncommon for them to tunnel within wood as much as 2 inches from an entry point.

They prefer unfinished hardwoods because their preference is to eat hardwood sapwood. These types of woods include maple, ash, birch, hickory, oak, poplar and walnut.

3) How Did Powderpost Beetles Get In My House?

The powderpost beetle is native to North America, where it used to prey on dead trees. But with so many Americans building new homes and constantly looking for new sources of timber, these bugs have moved into homes across several states.

Because they spend their larval stage burrowing through wood, powderpost beetles are often found in furniture (like antiques), hardwood floors and even plywood beams. If you’re experiencing a powderpost beetle infestation in your home, contact a professional exterminator right away.

As we’ll discuss later in our post, it’s important to act quickly when dealing with these insects because they can cause serious structural damage to your home if left untreated.

4) Are There Different Types Of Powderpost Beetles That Affect Homes?

The answer to that question is both yes and no. There are many different types of powderpost beetles, but they all do two things in homes:

  • 1) they eat wood, and
  • 2) they lay eggs that cause new powderpost beetles to be born.

The eggs look like small round grains of rice, which homeowners often mistake for coffee grounds or dirt. However, most home insurance policies cover all types of damage caused by any type of beetle. Let’s look at some reasons why.

5) How Much Damage Can They Cause And Where Will It Occur?

These beetles can cause damage to a wide variety of wood. They like to burrow into structural timbers, floorboards, and paneling. Some homeowners find that their floors or walls are warping—and they aren’t sure what’s causing it.

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It could be these creepy-crawlies have burrowed deep into your home and are eating away at your home from within. The good news is that insurance policies will cover damage caused by these beetles (when other sources have been ruled out).

All you need to do is make sure you choose a trustworthy insurer when setting up your policy. However, in order for any claims relating to woodworm to be valid, all of these following criteria must be met

6) Can I Handle The Problem On My Own Or Do I Need An Exterminator?

There are a variety of treatments for powder post beetles, but you’ll need to determine if you want to tackle the problem on your own or enlist an exterminator. If you decide to take care of it yourself, take into account that it can be difficult to find powder post beetle larvae in an attic.

You may be able to find them by looking at joists and beams around windows, doors and roof lines where they like to hide. A black light may also help locate them, but there’s no surefire way to spot them without professional assistance.

7) Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Powder Post Beetle Damage?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage caused by wood-boring insects—assuming they were adequately disclosed when you bought your policy.

8) What Should I Tell My Insurance Agent About The Situation When I Make My Claim, And Will It Affect My Coverage If I Do Not Report The Infestation Before It Gets Worse

Be open and honest with your insurance agent when you make your claim. They need to know all details about what is causing damage to your home.

The best time to contact your insurance company is as soon as you have any reason to believe that there might be something wrong in or around your house; they will not hold it against you if you did not call them until after a serious infestation started.

However, if you wait too long and then try to get an insurance policy, some companies may refuse to cover it at all because of how serious these kinds of pests can become over time.

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9) How Long Does It Take For My Claim To Go Through Once The Exterminator Gives Me The Ok After He Has Killed All Of The Bugs In My Home, And What Documents Should I Have Ready When Calling Them For An Estimate On Damages

The amount of time it takes for your claim to go through is entirely dependent on how quickly your insurance company responds once you’ve provided them with all of your documentation. The more complete and accurate your documentation, then, of course, the faster they’ll respond.

The most important documents to have ready when calling them for an estimate are (1) receipts for anything that’s been replaced or repaired and (2) photos or videos showing both where damage was done as well as just how bad it was.

Once you submit these documents via email or mail along with a cover letter that explains what happened, they’ll typically be able to get back to you within 48 hours with either a list of questions they need answered in order to give you an estimate or their final estimate.

10) Are Some Homes More Susceptible Than Others, And If So, Why Is That The Case

Most wooden structures in North America were built with lumber harvested from Northern hardwood forests. These forests have long been known to be hosts for a specific type of beetle that bores through wood (called powder post beetles).

When houses are constructed using wood infected by these beetles, homeowners can end up with significant and expensive damage to their homes.

While it’s important to be aware of damage caused by powder post beetles, you don’t need to worry about them if your home was built using lumber that didn’t come from known infected areas or if it was treated before use.

Learn more about how you can identify potential damage from these pests and what steps you can take to prevent future damage.

Hope we answered the question; Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Powder Post Beetle Damage?

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