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Unreal Dog Poop Cleanup Service Prices? See to How to Make $1500 Weekly Running Pooper Scooper Service

Unreal Dog Poop Cleanup Service Prices? See to How to Make $500 Weekly Running Pooper Scooper Service
Written by Okosun John

Check out the average pooper scooper service prices or dog poop cleanup service prices near you, and how to start your own pet waste removal business.

What if I told you, you can make an extra $500, or maybe even an extra $1000 every single month through profitable dog poop cleanup service prices?

Now its time to think about starting a dog poop pickup business because of high pet waste removal prices?

Well, Pet waste removal is a growing business and one that you can make some really good money.

In today’s world, there are a lot of folks who are aging or working long hours that are in need of someone to come help them with this one task

and they don’t mind paying good dog poop cleanup service prices. 

And let’s face it. Sometimes people just don’t like the smell and they don’t want to do it themselves.

So, you can make some money with high pet waste removal prices…

Today we’re going to go over the steps that you need to take to get your business off the ground if you want to start a pooper scooper service business.

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I’m going to share step by step everything that you need to start your own poop scooping business with profitable pet waste removal prices.

There are certainly a lot of questions you would have to ask… such as

How Much Does a Pooper Scooper Service Cost?

The dog poop cleanup service prices are not fixed. It depends on location, the number of dogs, and also the bidding of the company in charge.

However, we have a lot of people making over $1500 weekly running a pet waste removal business. On average we can then calculate the possible cost of a pet waste removal for a day, week, and year.

What is the average pooper scooper service prices per visit?

On average, you can get pooper scooper service prices for one dog starting at $12 per visit. If there is more than one dog, you could have them on as additional dogs. So, let’s say $3 per additional dog.

Hence for a house with roughly 4 dogs, the dog poop clean up prices would be roughly $21 per visit.

However, many companies charge way more than this.

You can find new startups or neighbors running a dog poop clean up service at a similar price or even less.

How much can I charge for bi-weekly dog poop cleanup service prices?

If you are running a dog poop cleanup service as one of your side hustles in your neighborhood, the dog poop clean up prices would most likely vary.

Big Business Scoopers charges up to $42 monthly for one dog in small yards monthly and up to $51 weekly for 3 dogs.

The more the dogs the lower the per head billing.

This could be a startup research ground for you if you intend on starting a dog poop cleanup service.

How much can I charge for weekly dog poop clean up prices?

A dog poop website named Scoop Masters, says it charges $14 weekly for one dog but when you have more than one dog an extra $2 for any additional dog.

Hence dog poop clean up prices can get up to $20 for four dogs plus.

How to calculate pet waste removal prices?

It’s simple. 

Many wastes removal set prices on 1 dog while the other dogs are taken as additional dogs. They also offer discounts when customers agree on a recurrent payment.

All small yards with one dog could be charged at $12 per weekly visit and $34 per month. Each additional dog is extra and can be priced at $3. This basic could be increased depending on the size of your yard. 

How to Start Pet Waste Removal Business

The beauty of having a pet waste removal service with profitable pet waste removal prices is that literally, anyone can do it.

dog poop
Credits: Pixabay

Whether you’re a poor college student that needs extra money for the weekend

or a single parent that has a crap ton of student loans

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or someone who’s retired who wants to do something extra on the side,

starting a pooper scooper service is a cost-effective and relatively easy business that you can start on your own.

The first step to this process is….

Know About Dog Poop Cleanup Service

Think about what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s a poop-scooping business it’s nothing glamorous and you could get low pooper scooper service prices.

However, the most important part that you need to remember is what is your True Norths?

What are the reasons WHY you want to start your pooper scooper service business?

Are you trying to save up extra money to buy a house or to pay down your student loans?

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Is it because of the high pet waste removal prices?

Are you just trying to do this as a side hustle because you have a lot of free time?

Then why is so important especially once you start telling people that you’re doing a dog poop cleanup service business.

Because you’re going to get a lot of funny looks maybe some judgment and that’s okay!

People will always judge and hate especially when you are reminding them of all of their unfulfilled potentials.

So, commit with eyes wide open and start your dog poop cleanup service business now!

Business Research

Now before you start your business, we need to do some research.

It may not seem like a complicated business and it’s probably not!

but you still want to go through a checklist of items to make sure that you’re doing it the right.

This will save you some time and some money.

There are three areas that you’re going to want to research; the first one

is going to be your competition and possibly the average pooper scooper service prices in your area.

This is a very low competitive type of business so that’s a great thing

but there are some people out there who are probably offering those services that you can still learn from

and legal requirements for you to start up any business and any money needs that you have once again this is going to be a great one for that as well

we’ll talk more about that in a minute

Competition Research

You need to research your competition big or small.

  • what is it that they do poorly you know?
  • what are things that they do to stay in business?

People need the service more than they necessarily care about the people doing it.

You need to dive in and find out;

  • what they’re not doing well but also you need to find out
  • what they are doing well.
  • what is their pooper scooper service prices

There is a need to study your possible competition and find out

  • why people love them
  • why they talk about them
  • why they referring them to their families and friends

You are going to take all of this and figure out how are you going to stand out over the other people that do it.

First off, this particular type of business is a very fast-growing business and you want to stand up from the beginning.

Quality and Cost of Services

You need to find out what your competitors are charging as the average pooper scooper service prices.

However, this isn’t a race to the bottom. it’s not about finding out how you can be the cheapest at doing it.

But you need to find out what kind of trips they do…  is it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or all three options?

This is a monthly recurring type of business where you get reoccurring income each month through good pooper scooper service prices but you need to make sure that you set it up properly and that it seems fair and reasonable.

But at the same time, there’s money in there for you to be able to make.

Don’t be another dog poop pickup business,

it’s not just about you getting in there and you’re picking up the poop and you’re going well yes that is the benefit.

The pain points that you’re solving for the customer

but you need to also find out why are they are calling you.

Maybe they’re elderly and they just love their dogs and they just can no longer get out there.

that’s who you’re going to target.

You need to figure out who are you going to target your business towards

it’s a great way to get your foot in that door you know other folks are people that are working tons of hours and they just don’t have time to do it

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and when they have that one day off, they just can’t do it as well.

so, figure out whose pain point are you solving and this is where you’re going to focus your time and energy because it’s going to give you your best chance at success and rapid growth.

Register Your Pooper Scooper Service Business.

The process of starting a business is pretty much simple.

You just have to fill out a couple of forms with some identifying information.

Apply for licenses and permits
Credits: Pixabay

Part of forming a legal entity is coming up with a name.

I recommend going on google and typing in dog poop cleanup service prices in your state.  

Study the different types of businesses and their naming conventions.

You’ll want to make sure that any name you come up with has the word “scoop or waste removal”.

This makes it easy for your potential customers to identify what kind of services you provide.

As a rule of thumb – you can use your first or last name and the word scoops!

You can also make use of the services of a virtual notary to make sure all the paperwork is legalized.

The most important part of this process is making sure that you use a separate address for your business address.

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A lot of people make the mistake of using their home address for their business and that is not a good idea.

If you think you receive a lot of junk mail right now imagine once your address is in the public domain and accessible to anyone,

all of the marketing material and other businesses that want to do businesses with you start reaching out to you.

To fix this is simple, you can simply search for a virtual address service on Google.

So, what’s a Virtual Address? A virtual address is an address you get to register located in whatever location that provider has.

You’re able to receive postal mail and packages to that location, they’ll save all of your mail for you and will contact you whenever you receive something.

When going through the paperwork,  

make sure to submit your business as a “DBA or doing business as”.

When you register as a DBA, the state you’re doing business in will recognize your business as your sole proprietorship.

That means you can legally conduct businesses in that state but you will also be responsible for all of the debt and obligations that your business might incur.

I do not recommend you can an LLC but you will need to consult with a professional for that opinion.

Create Logo for Your Business

There are many free tools online that will allow you to create your own business logo or you can use something like photoshop.

If you are not the creative type I would recommend using a website like PlaceIt or Canva.

They have a pretty user-friendly interface that allows you to create a bunch of different logos and designs using their platform!

Create a Business Bank Account

Step two is to go to your local credit union or bank and open a business account with them.

This will be extremely important as it will allow you to separate your personal expenses from your business expenses.

You’ll need to use your virtual address (created earlier) to open up your business account.

Having separate expenses will be really important once tax season comes around!

Once you open your business account, deposit some money get yourself a business debit card and start buying your equipment.

All you’ll need is a bucket, a poop-scooping shovel, and a couple of plastic bags.

Every time you buy equipment for your poop scooping business make sure you save the receipts so you can claim them as business expenses on your taxes!

Setup Payment Providers.

There are a lot of payment providers you can get paid through such as Venmo or Cash App or Zelle.

You can also consider using Square to automate your payments with your customers

but that’ll require a monthly fee.

I also recommend creating a Gmail account for your business so you can register your business email with all of these payment providers.

Apply for Permits

Step four is to do research in your state and your local municipality and see if there are any special permits that you’ll need to handle waste removal.

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Every state is different so make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s so you don’t incur any unnecessary fines.

Investing in Business Insurance

This is an optional step but I think it’s one of the most important.

Do you really need business insurance for your poop scooping business when you first start?

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Probably not but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What would you do if one of your client’s dogs accidentally escaped the yard or accidentally attacked you?

or if you had an accident and you tripped over some of their lawn ornaments and broke a piece of their property?

Without having business insurance, you would be responsible for all of those expenses plus any potential legal fees!

So even though this step is optional it’s best to do it sooner rather than later so you can protect all of your assets and your business.

Bidding & Invoicing

As you’re getting paid, you need to make sure that setup invoicing if you’re going to do bidding when people give you bigger jobs.

Once you do your research, you’re going to be able to know what kind of accounting system or bookkeeping system to use.

There are plenty of them online nowadays that you can get relatively cheap.

You need to make sure that you have this setup.

Because if you’re going to do monthlies, you need to be able to send out that bill on a monthly basis.

Not forgetting that many small business owners don’t get paid because they forget to send out the monthly billing

Promoting Your Poop Scooping Business

The final step of starting your own poop scooping business is to promote it.

You can start posting on your Facebook and advertising to your friends and family and having them share your services with their friends.

social media
Credits: Pixabay

You can also consider creating flyers or posters and going to your local pet stores talking to them about leaving some of your business information for their customers.

This will definitely cut into your expenses but the worst that they can say is no and you’ll be back at the same step you were at already.

You could set up a google business page and a website because a lot of people looking for someone to pick up the dog poo is going to use their phone and google pet removal business near me.

Create a Website for Business

Websites are assets to businesses.

Since the advent of the internet, many people have resulted to searching the internet for anything they want.

Google shows a lot of trends for searches such as “pet waste removal prices, dog poop cleanup service prices, pooper scooper service prices, etc.”.

Having a website that is well optimized could open your business to numerous customers.

To start a website is very easy. Here are the options you have;

Create a website by yourself which would require

  1. Web hosting starting at $100 from Bluehost
  2. Domain name starting at $10 from Namecheap
  3. Premium WordPress theme starting at $24 from Themeforest.

This process can be a bit rough.

Hence you could employ the services of a website developer.

  1. Hire a Website Developer.

Setup a Google Business Page

To start growing the online presence of your own poop scooping business, create a Google business page.

I also recommend getting yourself a google number so you have a business phone number so people can get in contact with you.

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That way you’ll be able to send text messages to speak with your customers without giving them your personal phone number!

Promoting your Business social media

Here is what to do as a low-cost entry business looking to get out to as many people as possible without having to build your own website.

Having a Facebook business page for your poop scooping business is really helpful for beginners.

You can share posts with all your friends as well as local dog groups in your state.

Just make sure that you follow the rules for each group so you don’t get kicked out for unnecessary spam or self-promotion.

When making your first post you’ll want to make sure that you’re showing off the types of services that you’re providing.

You can consider staging a scene where you work with one of your friends who has a dog and then you record yourself scooping up their dog poop.

Or find a gif of a dog who is scooping up his own dog poop as that could be funny and attention-seeking.

Don’t overthink this step, just post something!

Try to be creative and see where it’ll take you,  

Be clear and concise in your post describing the types of service that you are providing

and make sure there is a call to action to message you for more information.

You can leverage the Facebook platform and use their Facebook ad functionality.

This will allow you to target all of your Facebook posts to people on the Facebook platform that have similar interests.

You could try targeting specifically dog owners or people that like dog-related Facebook pages.

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