The War on Passwords Enters a Chaotic New Phase (

The War on Passwords Enters a Chaotic New Phase

He also plans to examine the current challenges that passkeys face in countering the inertia passwords have built up over decadesand the long game of slowly grinding down the password’s dominance.

What I want to highlight is how far weve come, but which problems still remain unsolved, Brand says. Passwords are everywhere, and they are bad, but everyone is accustomed to them.

If you use a passkey to log into your Google account from a Mac, the cryptographic check happens locally and Apple is never directly involvedeverything the user experiences during the interaction is facilitated by macOS, not Google.

We need to kind of push users toward the thing that will be easier and more secure.”

Over the past year, Brand says, FIDO has made significant progress rolling out features to support its passwordless vision.

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