‘Redfall’ review: Good enough for Game Pass (techtoday.co)

‘Redfall’ review: Good enough for Game Pass


Thats not to say Redfall is a bad game filled with terrible ideas, but in its current form, its difficult to see the brilliance among the bugs.

Redfall is an openworld firstperson loot shooter in the vein of Borderlands, but with a bunch of vampires and cultists instead of bandits, and set in a picturesque fictional town off the coast of Massachusetts rather than an arid wasteland.

Theres room for Redfall, but only if Microsoft gives Arkane the runway to save it.

Redfall is less ambitious than Sea of Thieves, and it really shouldnt be in this poor shape Arkane Austin has plenty of experience crafting AAA firstperson shooters, and Redfall is a traditional loot shooter with online play.

While this is definitely not Prey or Dishonored, Arkanes DNA runs through Redfall, and the map contains a variety of locales sprinkled with worldbuilding lore abandoned churches and homes, lootable shops, spooky mansions, hiking trails, farmland, an amusement park.

Missions are structured to slowly reveal new areas of the map, and along the way there are safe houses to unlock, side stories to uncover and special vampires to vanquish.


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