Journalists in Cameroon protest colleague’s death (

Journalists in Cameroon protest colleague’s death


Journalists in Cameroon on Tuesday took to the streets to protest the death of their colleague who was killed by rebel militants in the Cameroon Northwest region.

Mr Anye Nde Nsoh was killed in Bamenda, capital of Cameroons Northwest region, on Sunday night.

Journalists in Cameroons Northwest region staged a peaceful march on the streets of Bamenda.

According to the Cameroon Association of EnglishSpeaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, the armed men shot Mr Nsoh in the chest as he relaxed at a bar in the Ntarikon neighbourhood of Bamenda on Sunday night.

Capo Daniel, a separatist spokesman, confirmed that their forces mistakenly shot the reporter.

The association said it was a targeted killing because the gunmen came on a bike and went straight to Nsoh and shot on the chest

Jude Muma, president of CAMASEJ, demanded that the killers of Mr Nsoh be persecuted.

Some faction in the fighting in the Northwest here has come out to take responsibility for what happened.

Human lives matter, said Mr Muma.

Many journalists in Cameroon are fearful, after the death of Mr Nsoh, who is the third victim to be killed in the country in 2023.

Investigative journalist, Martinez Zogo, and radio presenter, JeanJacques Ola Bebe, suffered the same fate earlier this year in Cameroon.

Whoever pulled the trigger should pay for this crime.


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