Equity Financing: Meaning, how it works and more (www.makemoney.ng)

Equity Financing: Meaning, how it works and more


The investor can also sell, or trade the share in whatever way that he pleases, as the shares act as a private property of the investor.

Equity financing is a vital topic in the world of finance as it relates to the offering of a companys shares to its shareholders in exchange for investment in the company.

Such a share entitles the investor to certain rights and responsibilities to the company.

The share of a business offers an ownership stake of that entity to an investor.


    • What is equity financing
    • How equity financing works
    • Types of equity financing
    • Pros of equity financing
    • Cons of equity financing
    • Conclusion
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1. Private equity financing
      • 2. Public equity financing


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