Shasta Groene Biography, Net Worth, Age & more (

Shasta Groene Biography, Net Worth, Age & more


The only time she really felt safe was when she had Joseph Duncan III, the murdered of her family and her abductor has died from brain cancer.

What is Shasta Groenes Nationality and EthnicityShe is an American and she is white.

What is Shasta Groenes profession

Shasta works as a Supervising Housekeeper at a nearby hotel.

She was the lone survivor of the horror that took away her whole family.

Who is Shasta GroeneShe was born in Idaho, United States in the 1997.

Court records say she endangered a 1yearold child in her custody by leaving methamphetamine where he could ingest it, and that she also left the drug in close proximity to a monthold baby.

Who is Shasta Groene married toShasta Groene is a contentedly married woman who shares her home with her devoted husband, Michael.


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