On ballot boxes and beasts of power (businessday.ng)

On ballot boxes and beasts of power


To those who voted for the right candidate on the 25th of February, your future demanded it.

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Tony NsoforsGrim Polity may be an accurate representation of the times we live in, but the 2023 general election gave us another chance to take hold of the brushes and paint a new pictureone that is unclouded, free of chaos, and brimming with promise.

Now that the elections are over and we are faced with the outcome we feared the most, it is easy to give in to the crushing sense of despair that has followed us into the aftermath.

It is comparably hard to believe that an election tribunal will be enough to reverse our fate because in Nigeria even Justice has a price and for the right amount one can assume that she will turn a blind eye to the glaring irregularities in the election results.

The odds are bleak, yes, but we must hold onto hopeeven when it feels like a doubleedged sword.

Still it was unwise to underestimate how farreaching the tentacles of his influence could be, and the lengths he would go to secure the presidency.

The obvious answer was Peter Obi, exgovernor of Anambra state and the chosen flag bearer of the Labour Party.

That and the fact that he is 76 years old with a wealth of corruption allegations under his belt, made him a questionable choice.

We were also doubly wary of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the once formidable godfather of the All Progressives Congress and exgovernor of Lagos state.


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