Amazon Echo Pop Review (2023): Fun To Look At (

Amazon Echo Pop Review (2023): Fun To Look At


Its sound is fine enough for its pricethough other, similarly priced Amazon speakers will be a better music experiencebut the biggest appeal of the Echo Pop is easily the fun colors and interesting form factor it has.

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When it’s next to the Echo Dot (5th Gen), the Echo Pop looks to be the same sizethat is, if you’re looking headon at the Pop’s flat, circular face.

Its newest player has arrived the Echo Pop, a 40 smart speaker with a halfcircle body instead of the fully rounded forms of Amazon’s other Echo speakers.

I’ve been enjoying the Echo Pop as a small desk companion.

I have three different smart speakers on my desk, and out of any of the pintsized offerings from Amazon, Google, and Apple, I’d rather look at the Echo Pop than any of the others.


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