Can Africa survive Western sanctions? (

Can Africa survive Western sanctions?


Africa doubles as the continent with the most natural resources and has impacted global raw material trade through the provision of resources and raw materials to the West and East.

Nonetheless, despite these successes, Africa has had its fair share of troubles, from increasing poverty to unemployment and most recently terrorism.

These shortfalls from Africa have exposed the continent to varying forms of exploitation, and the difficulty of deciding international politics between the East and the West or on certain issues of cultural, political and social acceptance by Africans.

This article offers insight as to whether African countries can survive Western sanctions.

Africa is the continent with the most countries in the world, the southern continent has over 54 nations and territories with over a billion people in them.


    • Understanding western sanctions on Africa
    • The RussianUkrainian war
    • LGBTQ rights in Africa
    • The possibility of Africa withstanding Western sanctions
    • Conclusion
    • Frequently Asked Questions


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