AI-generated music won’t win a Grammy anytime soon (

AI-generated music won’t win a Grammy anytime soon


said this week that although the organization will consider music with limited AIgenerated voices or instrumentation for award recognition, it will only honor songs written and performed mostly by a human.

At this point, we are going to allow AI music and content to be submitted, but the Grammys will only be allowed to go to human creators who have contributed creatively in the appropriate categories, Mason said in an interview with If theres an AI voice singing the song or AI instrumentation, well consider it.

Another AIgenerated scammer sold fake Frank Ocean tracks in April for a reported CAD 13,000 (9,722 in US dollars), while Spotify has been busy purging tens of thousands of AImade songs from its library.

On the other hand, it raises questions about artists like Holly Herndon, who used an AI version of her voice for a cover of Dolly Partons Jolene. (The AIgenerated performance would suggest not, but would the fact that its her own voice make a difference) Or, for that matter, theres the upcoming final Beatles track that Paul McCartney says will use AI to isolate a garbled recording of John Lennons voice.

But the Grammy will go to human creators at this point.

The CEOs comments mean the fake Drake / The Weeknd song Heart on My Sleeve, which went viral earlier this year before getting wiped from streaming platforms over copyright takedowns, wouldnt be eligible.


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