Kizz Daniel Reveals How He Thought ‘Woju’ Would Be His Only Hit Song

Kizz Daniel Reveals How He Thought ‘Woju’ Would Be His Only Hit Song

Celebrated Nigerian singer, Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe, widely known as Kizz Daniel, recently shared insights into his music journey, revealing that he initially thought ‘Woju’ would be his sole hit song.


He reminisced, stating, “When I had my first hit song, I was only thinking of that year and not a follow-up song.” Kizz Daniel informed his father about his desire to focus on music for a year to see if it would be financially viable, rather than pursuing further studies.

Reflecting on those early days, he shared that he thought he would solely benefit from the success of ‘Woju’. During that period, social media was gaining prominence, and Kizz Daniel faced the stereotype of being labeled a ‘one-hit wonder.’ However, with persistence and support from a special woman in his life, he went on to create subsequent hits.

Kizz Daniel made an impactful entry into the Nigerian music scene with the release of ‘Woju’ in 2014, a track that garnered immense airplay and acclaim. During a discussion on the latest episode of Afrobeats Podcast, the ‘Buga Crooner’ disclosed that when he created this hit, he was contemplating between pursuing his Master’s degree or dedicating himself fully to music.

Kizz Daniel also revealed his dedication to music, asserting that he is continuously creating new songs. He expressed his prolificacy in the studio, stating, “I’m a studio rat; I am always in the studio recording. I have loads of songs, and if it’s possible to put 50 songs on an album, I will do it.”

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