Kogi Poll: Massive turnout of voters in Lokoja

Kogi Poll: Massive turnout of voters in Lokoja

In polling unit 012 ward A, Crowder Memorial College, there was also massive turnout of voters and the election was hitch-free.


In most voting places in the state capital of Lokoja, there was a high voter turnout for the Kogi governorship election on Saturday.

Voter accreditation and voting in Kogi Hotel Tourism Board polling unit 067 ward A began at 8.30 a.m. because the majority of voters had already lined up before the accreditation period.

In polling unit 068 ward A, Baptist Plaza, voters conducted themselves peacefully, even without the presence of a security agent at the polling unit.

Voters were observed waiting their time to cast ballots at polling unit 065 ward A Saron Gari, where the identical circumstances existed.

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