'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for April 22 (mashable.com)

'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for April 22

We’re here as always to help guide the way with our expert Wordle advice and the solution.

If you prefer to just be told the answer, you can scroll to the end of this article for April 22’s Wordle word to be revealed.

But if you’d rather work through it yourself, keep reading for some clues, tips, and strategies to assist you.

It’s Saturday, and a new Wordle welcomes you to the weekend.


    • Where did Wordle come from
    • What’s the best Wordle starting word
    • What happened to the Wordle archive
    • Is Wordle getting harder
    • Why are there two different Wordle answers some days
    • Here’s a subtle hint for today’s Wordle answer
    • Does today’s Wordle answer have a double letter
    • Today’s Wordle is a 5letter word that starts with…
    • What’s the answer to Wordle today

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