Zoho integrates ChatGPT with Zia, strengthening generative AI capabilities (www.techcityng.com)

Zoho integrates ChatGPT with Zia, strengthening generative AI capabilities


The integration of generative AI technology with Zohos homegrown AI, Zia, reinforces customer experience, privacy, and value

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, today announced execution plans and ongoing investment in AI, beginning with the launch of 13 generative AI Zoho application extensions and integrations, powered by ChatGPT.

Zohos developing AI strategy includes platform expansion and its innovation roadmap with a focus on delivering superior customer experience and value while ensuring the highest level of customer privacy and security.

In addition, Zoho is currently developing proprietary Learning Language Models (LLMs) capable of conversing, summarising, paraphrasing, and adapting to new tasks with zeroshot learning techniques, empowering seamless AIdriven communication and knowledge discovery .

Generative AI in Zoho Applications

Available in its marketplace, Zohos new generative AI extensions, powered by ChatGPT, complement the broad portfolio of AI technology Zoho already supports.

Over a decade, Zoho has been executing and implementing AI (Zia) across its product portfolio, developing inhouse technology that runs on the companys private cloud.

The fusion of ChatGPTs generative AI with our homegrown AI features will provide users with a more intuitive, efficient, and secure experience, reflecting Zohos deep RampDfirst culture, said Kehinde Ogundare Country Manager, Zoho Nigeria.

As a technology partner, Zohos customers continue to rely on us for keeping them ahead of the curve while retaining core tenets like privacy, which they have come to respect.


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