Envoy seeks more collaboration between Ireland, Nigeria on digital technology (gazettengr.com)

Envoy seeks more collaboration between Ireland, Nigeria on digital technology


Peter Ryan, the ambassador of Ireland to Nigeria, says one of the natural areas for more collaboration between his country and Nigeria is digital technology.

The ambassador said this on Friday, in Lagos, during the monthly ambassadorial forum organised by the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA).

The NIIA ambassadorial forum is a platform that provides serving ambassadors and diplomats in Nigeria the opportunity to make contributions on issues of their relationship with the country and other multilateral interests.

According to Mr Ryan, Nigerians are creative people who have a reputation internationally for being creatives.

He noted that Nigerias journey reflected, in some ways, Irelands journey as an independent nation.

Mr Ryan said that he saw great opportunities for progress, resilience, creativity and innovativeness in the Nigerian public.

We hear quite regularly from the Nigerian diaspora in Ireland about how positive they are on the future of IrelandNigeria, NigeriaEuropean Union relations.

I think our trade has never been better, our cultural connections with each other have never been stronger, and our community connections have never been stronger.

Mr Ryan said that Irelands largest African diaspora was from Nigeria.

Were having lots of new generations of Nigerians now in our business world and our cultural world and we are very proud of them.

This is a real treasure for us and something that were going to nurture because I think we can go on to great things together by developing and using those people to keep the links, he said.

The envoy also spoke on global peace and his countrys membership of the United Nations Security Council.

Mr Ryan said the principles that guided Irelands UNSC membership are building peace, strengthening conflict resolution and prevention, and ensuring accountability.

He said the security council remained a pivotal institution at the heart of the multilateral system.

We cant address global challenges, conflict, climate change, food insecurity, without an effective, robust United Nations Security Council, he said.

Mr Ryan added, We are, through the European Union and our work here, trying to do what we can to contribute to the development of a more prosperous, secure and safe Nigeria.

This includes through the European Union Election monitoring mission, the development humanitarian programmes that we have, our partnership for business and partnership on education and our engagements with the diverse cultural scene here.



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