PhD Graduation of a Hausa-Yoruba Nigerian in America – By Farooq Kperogi (

PhD Graduation of a Hausa-Yoruba Nigerian in America – By Farooq Kperogi


journey isnt remarkable just because he wrote a book and won prestigious awards, grants, and predoctoral fellowships in the course of his study but also because he survived lifethreatening health scares and mishaps with grace and equanimity.

In the course of his study, he was burdened with unanticipated threats to his life that saw him constantly in the hospital and caused him to suspend his study for a year.

Kassim, being panNigerian isnt an option its the only option.

I first got acquainted with him in 2015 when he sent me a cold email introducing himself and requesting that I read and give him feedback on a peerreviewed journal article he had published in Politics, Religion and Ideology titled Defining and Understanding the Religious Philosophy of JihadiSalafism and the Ideology of Boko Haram.

It was a thoughtful, insightful, and wellresearched article that emerged from the work he did as a masters student in England, which got published in his first year of doctoral studies.

He is compulsively polite and unfailingly respectful to everyone he meets, and this is reflected in the wide and diverse network of friends and acquaintances he has.

Several of the people who rallied support for him in his moment of distress showed up at his graduation.


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