WWDC 2023: the 3 big reveals we need from Apple (techtoday.co)

WWDC 2023: the 3 big reveals we need from Apple


Theres a lot riding on WWDC 2023 (June 5 through 9).

Im not saying that Apples products are getting left behind, but it also needs to prove to the world that it is able to get out of its funk of rolling out derivative yet more expensive products and can indeed keep up with the new trends in tech.

Because if were being honest, apart from its ARMbased SoC series, Apples technique these days seems to be to release pricier and betterpowered versions of its already existing products, and most of those are unnecessary and inaccessible (price wise) for most users.

Not that Im not excited at the prospect of a new iMac 2023 and the rumored Apple VR headset, but are they going to really change peoples lives in the way that Google is hoping to do by integrating AI in everything, for example

Or how companies such as Cooler Master and Thermalake are making computers fun again

No, for Apple to drag itself back to the top, it needs to do a whole lot more.


    • AI as a part of the user experience
    • Make gaming a Mac thing
    • Higher minimum specs


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