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7 Best Coupon Apps for Android and iOS (2023)


Using any of the best coupon apps for Android or iOS will surely save you some bucks while shopping. Whether you’re shopping for clothes or shopping for groceries, you’ll surely need a coupon to slash the actual price for you. The good news is that there are plenty of these coupon apps on the app store, but we’ve handpicked the best ones for you.

Everyone wants amazing deals for shopping, especially during times when Black Fridays are months away. In one of our articles, we talked about websites that give amazing offers for Amazon, eBay and other online shopping sites. On these websites, you’ll find products that are sold at discounted prices. But what if you want to checkout from a store but want to slash the price? Well, you’ll need a coupon to get that done. This is quite similar to buying hosting from web hosting companies like Namecheap, Godaddy and so on.

With an app that gives free coupons, shopping on any online shopping app won’t be an issue. In this article on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve curated the best coupon apps for Android and iOS users. If you’re an avid shopper and you need coupon offers that’ll save you at least 20-30% off your orders, these apps have got you covered.

List of The Best Coupon Apps for Android and iOS

From groceries to clothing, travel, and more, these apps cover a wide range of categories. Aside from coupons, they also make a great choice for deals, cashback and so on. You’ll be able to shop from your favourite stores and brands with these apps. They’re available on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and other stores like Panda Helper, AppValley, TutuApp and so on. With that being said, let’s explore the best coupon apps for Android and iPhone users.

1. Groupon

Groupon is one of the most popular coupon apps for smartphone users and it has been doing an excellent job so far. With Groupon, you can up to 50-90% off your actual order and it offers more than that. If you want coupons for different products and services, Groupon is one of the best apps you can use. You’ll find coupons for meals, beauty, travel, entertainment and so on. While using Groupon, you can browse through a diverse selection of deals based on your location or preferences, making it easy to find discounts relevant to your needs. There are a lot of reasons to love Groupon and one of them is the Nearby feature. With this feature, you to discover exclusive deals and discounts available in your vicinity.

Additionally, Groupon offers deal-of-the-day promotions, featuring limited-time offers with substantial savings. This adds an element of excitement for users who enjoy snagging excellent deals on the go. Even if you want to go to concerts, events or shows, Groupon can save you some discounts from your actual spending. Everything makes sense with this app, it is an outstanding coupon app and one of the best you’ll find on the internet.

2. Quidco

Quidco is one of the best coupon apps for Android and iOS users, it offers amazing deals for cashback and vouchers. If you want to get coupons, cashback and vouchers from brands like eBay, JustEat, M&S, Amazon, Boots, Argos, Wickes, ASOS & 5000+. Quidco is one of the best apps you can use without any issues. On Quidco, users can access a wide range of offers, including exclusive cashback rates, discount codes, and deals on fashion, electronics, travel, and more.

One of the cool features of Quidco is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Quidco brings the best UK deals and it allows users to save a lot of money while shopping. Joining Quidco is completely free and all you just have to do is shop and earn. As you shop directly from the app, you’ll get loads of cashback and vouchers. The app is very easy to use and it also allows users to earn via accumulation. With over 1000+ products and services, Quidco makes it easy to get discounts for different stores.

3. vouchercloud

Another app that is perfect for coupon is vouchercloud and it is one of the best coupon apps for Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re looking for vouchers for restaurants, travel, fashion and so on, vouchercloud is your go-to option for the best deals and offers. With a simple interface, vouchercloud makes it easy for users to explore trending deals, nearby offers and exclusive discounts. These are available through the app and accessing them is quite simple as well. You can save a lot of money when you become a regular shopper on Vouchercloud.

Finding coupons or offers on vouchercloud is quite simple due to the friendly interface. The app also allows users to save their favourite vouchers for quick access during checkout. With its diverse offerings and easy-to-use features, vouchercloud is a top choice for anyone looking to save more money while shopping. Additionally, vouchercloud covers everything from gadgets, electronics, clothes, pizza and other digital products.


JOANN makes finding deals and coupons easy, but it is quite different from most coupon apps on the app store. If you’re looking for an app that’ll let you shop for fabrics and crafts, JOANN is your go-to app. Whether you’re into sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, or any other creative hobby, JOANN has you covered. The app offers a wide range of craft-related deals and coupons, there are tons of exclusive discounts on fabrics, home decor and so on. Users can easily browse through weekly ads and digital coupons to find the best deals on their favourite crafting materials. One of the best things about JOANN is its regular updates for the latest deals and offers. If you miss out on a particular deal, there are chances you’ll find a similar or a better offer next time.

Additionally, JOANN allows users to earn rewards via its reward programs. When you make a purchase, you’ll get rewarded and that is multiplied by the number of multiple purchases you make. Your rewards are points and can be accumulated for as long as you want. Once these accumulated points get to a certain amount, you can use them to claim discounts and offers. The app’s user-friendly interface and easy navigation make it a great coupon app for smartphone users.

5. Rossmann

Rossmann might not be the regular coupon app for clothes, groceries or other digital products. But when looking at the popularity, Rossmann is very popular in Europe and it is one of the biggest drug stores in the world. With the Rossmann app, you’ll be able to access different coupons and offers. This app offers exclusive discounts and deals on various products, including beauty, personal care, baby items, household essentials, and more. With Rossmann, users can access a wide range of digital coupons and discounts to save on their everyday purchases. Finding coupons and deals on Rossmann is very simple, it has a friendly interface that makes it easy to browse through the latest deals.

When gathering coupons and deals on Rossmann, the app has a section where you can access all your coupons. One of the reasons why Rossmann makes sense for finding coupons is that all its coupons can be used anywhere. Furthermore, Rossmann regularly updates its coupon offerings, making sure that you can access new deals and discounts regularly.

6. Shopmium – Exclusive Offers

Shopmium is one of the best apps that’ll let you earn 100% cashback when you shop at the supermarket. You’re looking at an app that focuses on exclusive offers when it comes to grocery shopping, household items and beauty products. With Shopmium, users can access deals and discounts, which lets you save more compared to other apps. Claiming offers on Shopmium is very simple and it has a friendly interface. Users can scan product barcodes and submit receipts to redeem discounts, making the app’s cashback process simple and efficient.

Aside from earning coupons and offers on Shopmium, the app also allows users to real real money via its reward program. To earn rewards on Shopmium, you’ll need to refer a friend and you can earn up to $4 when that invited friend shop directly from the app.  Furthermore, Shopmium partners with a wide range of retailers, ensuring that users have access to a diverse selection of exclusive offers. Another awesome feature of Shopmium is its offline notifications. Even when not connected to the internet, you can still receive notifications for new offers and deals.

7. Honey: Vouchers & Rewards

Honey is another popular coupon app that allows users to earn vouchers and rewards. With Honey, you can earn rewards and coupons from stores like Currys, JD Sports, Domino’s, CDKeys, PrettyLittleThing, Lookfantastic, Namecheap and so on. When users shop online, Honey scours the web for the latest and most relevant coupon codes and automatically applies them at checkout. On web browsers, Honey offers an extension that’ll let you get coupons even without the app. The web extension can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Brave Browser, Safari Browser and so on.

If you love shopping on your PC, be it Windows, macOS or Linux, the browser extension of Honey might just be what you need. Earning rewards is another reason to use Honey as your favourite coupon app. There’s a feature known as Honey Gold, and it’s where users can earn Honey Gold points for shopping the Honey app. Additionally, Honey offers a redemption option for various gift cards. If you want to redeem Itunes Gift Card, Razer Gold Gift cards and so on, Honey makes that possible.


In conclusion, these are the best apps to earn coupons, they offer tons of great deals and rewards. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, home appliances and so on, these apps will save you a lot of money.

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