Tech meets taste as Eden launches innovative platform (

Tech meets taste as Eden launches innovative platform


In a bid to enhance the dining experience within Nigerian households through modern technology, Eden Life, an innovative tech startup, has launched Homemade by Eden designed to revolutionise the culinary landscape by satisfying Lagos residents’ demands for quality and specially prepared home-cooked meals.

Homemade by Eden, according to Prosper Otemuyiwa, the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Eden Life, is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to providing practical solutions for home-related needs in Nigeria.

“The platform serves as a bridge between passionate home cooks and culinary enthusiasts who crave the authentic flavors of home-cooked meals, delivered conveniently to their doorsteps. Utilising a seamless food delivery technology, this platform strives to honor and celebrate the diverse and delicious culinary traditions of Nigeria,” Otemuyiwa said.

The platform addresses the demand for authentic flavors that Homemade by Eden embodies, a taste that often eludes busy Nigerians in today’s rapid world. Melding tradition, technology, and convenience, the platform’s launch is set to usher in a revolution in how Nigerians cherish and revel in their passion for high-quality food.

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Beyond offering technology-driven exploration of diverse culinary options, Homemade by Eden also extends its benefits to home cooks. These dedicated home cooks, who take delight in preparing traditional Nigerian dishes, stand to generate income from their culinary prowess.

With dining out as a popular pursuit among Lagos residents, Eden Life’s latest offering aims to redefine how citizens experience their favorite dishes.

In 2019, Lagos residents spent over N827 billion on restaurant visits, comprising 34 percent of total food expenditure according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Recent data from a 2023 BHM Research and Intelligence report underscores the popularity of eating out or using delivery services, with a focus on food quality when choosing a restaurant.

Nadayar Enegesi, co-founder and CEO of Eden Life said “At Eden Life, we believe that food is more than just sustenance; it is a representation of our culture, history, and identity. Homemade by Eden Life serves as a conduit, bridging the gap between talented home cooks and discerning food lovers yearning for genuine, traditional meals, which can be conveniently delivered during their busy schedules.”

Recognised as one of the fastest-growing startups in Nigeria, Eden Life has raised at least $2 million in funding, with a stellar seed round of $1.4 million in October 2021.

The company’s success in four years and expanding user base is built on the founders’ track records. Before his latest tech adventure, Enegesi, who previously served as Co-Founder/CTO at Fora, played a pivotal role in co-founding Andela in 2014.

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