AfriSIG: African countries have realized potential of robust digital economy – NCC (

AfriSIG: African countries have realized potential of robust digital economy – NCC


The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has said that African countries have realized the huge potential of a robust digital economy to create new business opportunities, increase efficiency, contribute to sustainable development and reshape lives.

“It is worthy to bear in mind that the domestication (noting that different African Countries have different economic, technical and digital capabilities) of the framework by African countries and the implementation of its key recommendations will position Africa as a strong partner and will enable African youth to participate and thrive in the global digital economy and society.”

She explained that the data policy framework derives from the Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS) adopted by the African Union in 2020 to transform African societies and economies in a manner which allows the continent and its member states to harness digital technologies for local innovation that will improve life opportunities, reduce poverty, inequality and facilitate the delivery of goods and services.

Speaking further, Aruna noted that data, be it information, statistics, numbers, or in other form, are at the core of the digital transformation taking place at an unexpected pace and scale globally.

“The AU Data Policy Framework represents a significant step toward creating a consolidated data environment and harmonized digital data governance systems to enable the free and secure flow of data across the continent while safeguarding human rights, upholding security and ensuring equitable access and sharing of benefits,” she added.

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