'Take Two (English)' Lyrics by BTS (notjustok.com)

'Take Two (English)' Lyrics by BTS

BTS – Take Two Lyrics

Read the English translation lyrics for BTS latest song, Take Two, and sing along.

Verse 1: Jung Kook & JiminWill you stay?I want to hold onto the timeThat's flying by with meWill you go? (Will you go?)What look will we have on our faces when we stand (Ah-ah)I can't remember the dawns anymore

Pre-Chorus: V & JinSayOh, I'm running round in a dazeWe been walking so many waysFeels like my heart's about to burstCan't you see the take two?Stories unfolding just for youYouth with you by my sideTake my hands now

Chorus: Jung Kook & VYeah, we never felt so youngWhen together, sing the songMeeting with each other's eyesEven in the darknessYeah, we never felt so rightWhen I got you by my sideAlong the road, we walked togetherOh, we young forever

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